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25 Thoughts to “2 Simple Steps To Grow Your Robinhood App Account | Penny Stock Day Trader”

  1. Leo Castro

    very inspiring story! 3 thumbs up, glad to be on your team.

  2. Culture Vultures

    I’m a proud TechBudSolutions member and once again you brought up a point that most “investor” never talk about!

    1. Maria Portugall

      +Culture Vultures Lovely Video clip! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you heard about – Rozardner Broker Teaching Reality (just google it)? It is a great one of a kind product for turning one thousand into two thousand five hundred dollars in a day without the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my best friend Jordan got cool success with it.

  3. Culture Vultures

    This is why I love TechBuds

  4. jason romero

    Acorns app is great way to save guys! this guy is a good teacher I feel like I’m in class and when I pause to use my phone and return aha feel like he knows and give me eyes


    you are amazing i feel bless to have the opportunity to be in techbuds thank you rick God bless you..

  6. Itsjasminestyle

    I definitely needed this! Thank you so much. I already had a plan about saving but yours is a lot better!

  7. Adrik Abramian

    Finally found someone that is not selling something THANK YOU

    1. grim789

      Check out his paid course I never thought I would pay for a course cause I was like you always felt someone was just selling me something. He really wants to help you grow and change your life one of the best investments I have made for my future in a long time.

  8. Andrew Staheli

    This is not just good advice for Robinhood… this is good advice in general.

  9. randy 1flybugeye!

    Yo bro good video ,,, but I dont see how this was about growing a robinhood account ,, but I damn sure gonna be more strict on saving money that’s Forsure

  10. Angel

    can you make a step by step tutorial video on how to use the Robinhood app? Thanks

  11. Brandon Joyce

    I appreciate the info but you are speaking all over the place and basically just saying to save money. Try to slow down a little and stick to the main points. Thanks!

  12. Dick Powell

    What were the steps for using robinhood here? Just heard idle chat about how good he is with money. Or am I only hearing nothing about something?

    1. Rick

      This is literally his whole Youtube channel. Most of it sounds like bragging to me.

    2. stampede75

      I agree what the heck what a waste of time

    3. Kim Roberson

      Be consistent: be fortunate if you dont have children ,
      Save money, & pay off your debt . Build a strategy for investing that fits your life.
      You asked, so I thought I would mail you the answer. He does tend to ramble a bit but he means we’ll. Younger investers tend to do that. They sometimes forget that others own their on home and investment properties, invest in precious metals, own side businesses and have virtually no debt and know how to offset current debt as well as study how to continue to offset debt.
      Debt is the one thing that consistently changes.. If you have no children it’s easier. Although many of us learned afterwards. ….

  13. Ickybob007

    I been following your advice. I just started investing this week, I am up 1.2 percent, Thank you for helping me

  14. Tony Martinez

    How much money do you spend on weed?

  15. Silver Scalez

    14yrs old and saving. You must have awesome parrents. Im already teaching my 3yr old to collect $1 coins 🤣 make your money grow! Ricky vids have been a major help to my trading.

  16. Luie Dobbiedude

    Didnt hear the steps!???! All i heard was my property this my car that.

  17. Thel 'Vadam

    Still waiting on how to grow my Robinhood account and the video is over….

  18. StopAndListen

    I went thirty years without saving. Spending exactly my monthly salary each time. Not only are you constantly living on the edge and with stress.
    I once calculated how much money I’d have if I had saved. I’ll just say it’s like realizing you won the lottery, but lost the ticket.

  19. James Putzulu

    i didnt even learn 1 step to grow my robinhood account

  20. Xysti iOS

    I’ve seen you on a video before lol it was like person vs rich person

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