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3 Simple Steps To Use The EMA Line Study | Penny Stocks 101


Hey team in today's video i break down in 3 easy actions exactly how i make use of the ema research filter on the td ameritrade thinkorswim platform for both swing trading and also day trading penny supplies, i really hope that you all currently have a better understanding on how to use this effectively!

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PLEASE NOTE: Please note that i do not ask for any info. I constantly encourage our members to trade ONLY what you recognize and never ever based upon any person's point of view. My video clips are for home entertainment objectives only.any questions to message me as i would certainly love to be a component of your success.

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29 Thoughts to “3 Simple Steps To Use The EMA Line Study | Penny Stocks 101”

  1. SunSpun

    Thanks Rick, take a look at Lisk, seems to be on a mission with btc going down.

  2. kingedward

    been waiting for a video like this. Thanks, giving this a like๐Ÿ‘

  3. M H

    After getting ripped on a little bit in the past few videos comment sections, I like how you remain a positive guy with a smile on your face. Composure of a leader. Nice job Ricky. Good vibes.


    This was genius๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿคœ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿค›๐Ÿพ great video quality in the start of the video.

  5. Ian S

    Hey Ricky. Do you mean 180 day is the time, and the period of the ema is 15 etc? Just checking that 180 is the time period for the chart (eg around 6 months of data) ?

  6. Nicolas Ulcigrai

    Hey Rick! Thank you for the video! Great explanation!
    have a great week man

  7. Donut Viper

    Just gotta say that I thank God for your willingness and enthusiasm to want to help us.

  8. jasonauslander

    I’m so glad I saw this. I had ema set to default this whole time. That would explain why this indicator was never helpful. Thanks!

  9. Ron Kenway

    Finally, I understand more about the ema.

  10. The Excellent Laborer

    This was extremely helpful! Do you think using multiple length EMA lines(15,50,200) is useful?

  11. Dustin Dobrilovic

    Wow, the idea to adjust an indicators length to a stock’s volatility was such an “AHA!” moment. Before I was trying to decide on correct length solely in relation to candlestick time frame.

    I do like “responsive” better than “active”.

  12. Crane Service

    5 months I’ve been watching and learning and I haven’t heard anyone talk about using ema or the sma which is next for me to learn and study… your the best ..keep doing these videos. They help out so much . I know they’re just guide but man they have improved my trading

  13. Juan Sosa

    this guy is so amazing!

  14. Ema Kaveckaite

    My names Ema

    1. Conner Cox

      BAD4GOOD2 yes officer this right here

    2. paramountx


    3. Dilapidated Love

      @BAD4GOOD2 wtf does this mean?

    4. BAD4GOOD2

      Dilapidated Love weโ€™ll sir it appears that it was a poorly timed joke i made 6 months ago now that I can see how creepy that probably sounded considering the photo of EMA looks 12, however the joke was directed at the name hence the video explains how to use the EMA indicator.

    5. CubingWithCarl

      BAD4GOOD2 lol

  15. si1az

    I always ran my Ema at 50 lol I mean it did give me more time to find a confirmation of an up-trend, but I was making profit but Iโ€™m only trading paper stocks and Iโ€™m 15 yrs old and am planning on studying and practicing for the next 3 years so that I gain experience sooner!

    1. Daniel Zeynalvand

      Wtf I’m in your same exact spot

    2. L R

      Hey dude what paper trading app do u use?

    3. Facts And Myths

      @L R I use trading 212 for paper trading and you can also switch to real money

    4. Life,s Good

      Same here i am in the exact same spot and i use plus 500

  16. AceGamingProductions

    Oh my god finally a video that explains how to use the EMA line to predict trends in simple terms. Thank you

  17. Jason Wood

    How do I find the study section to set the EMA on the sink or swim app any info please

  18. walter vidal

    you move the mouse so quickly therefor is hard to floow.

  19. TheVicdub

    I am ready to sign up Ricky. I really like what you teach (even tho you talk fast :-P) I think I will benefit. And Thank you for what you are doing.

  20. Jose Rubio

    God bless you. I will buy your course with the money I make from what I’ve learned from you. Thank you.

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