Candlestick Charting 

Best Candlestick Patterns (That Work)


In this video clip we show you the very best candlestick patterns that work. Understanding how to find candlestick patterns is a key part of rate action and all traders must discover just how to be able to identify candlestick patterns on the market properly in order to find premium quality profession chances.

There are many means to make use of candlestick patterns however in this video clip, we integrate candle holder patterns with key degrees of assistance and resistance to identify excellent quality trade possibilities.

Rate activity as a whole is an intricate topic as well as candle holder patterns is a very crucial concept within the rate action belief all at once.

We additionally consist of some sophisticated candle holder pattern psychology principles that take your rate action comprehending to the following level.

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28 Thoughts to “Best Candlestick Patterns (That Work)”

  1. Darko 1234

    hello sir can i make a request? can you make a video sir explaining different timeframe, how does a shorter timeframe effects longer timeframe and vice versa…hope you can make video of it. Thank you!

    1. Carina Castellanos

      Yes please I too am interested

    2. Grady Morris

      I compare a 1 min chart and a 4 hr chart, and place my trade on the 1 min chart that is following the trend of the 4 hr chart. The lower time frame always yields to the higher time frame chart. Hope this helps

    3. Storm

      @Grady Morris If the 4 hour is at resistance, would you be looking for a short position if you were going to scalp the currency pair?

    4. GoodBye C:

      Storm yes

  2. Belly man

    I totally recommend buying their Wysetrade Masterclass.
    Worth buying it.

    1. C B

      Belly man where can you buy it? Is it an online training?

  3. Jacob Yeboah

    Just stumbled upon your channel and I’m hella glad, such great clear videos, love the animation/edits, very informative and helpful👌🏾

  4. Martin

    Your videos are amazing! Simple, clear, well edited and a pleasure to watch.

  5. Aminu Ismaila

    Confluence pattern is my favourite, and would like you to more explanation.

  6. Parsh K

    please make more videos! i have been loving the content here and cant wait for more. I urge you to keep making videos on price action and candle stick patterns. loved the psychology part in this video. 100likes from my side.

  7. Manoj Shrestha

    Awesome content. Thank you. Question: Can this be applied when trading options as well? Can you make videos on how to trade options?

  8. Riley Turner

    Thank you for great contents! Could you please break down the EMA and MA’s (8-20-21-50-100-200) use cases and how and when and in what time frame should we use each one of them. Thank you again

  9. akash akkiy

    Amazing bro the channel i m finding for learning market at psychology level as well technical level,,,and you represented it in a well mannered way😘😘😘

  10. Andrew Goodall

    I love the way he Teaches I can understand it awesome job

  11. Esther Online

    You’re one of the best teachers I’ve found so far on youtube.
    I’ve enjoyed all of your content, and look forward to more of your future videos :).

  12. Oleg Oleg

    1:15 – Long wick candle
    3:20 – Inside bar candle
    4:20 – Momentum candle
    5:20 – Multiple candle rejections
    8:03 – Shrinking candles
    8:43 – Candle colour change
    9:10 – Stacking candlestick patterns together

    1. Joefrey Mahusay

      Nice Oleg. 🙂

    2. Current & Legal

      What are these calculations sir?

  13. mahesh patil

    I have never commented to anyone videos till date ,I have watched many videos related stock market for years but after seeing your quality of content is amazing and well explained video is awesome ,thank man……looking more such learning video

  14. Hump Lover

    i can say, i’m in love with you’re channel. please keep making more price action videos

  15. Chris schwoger

    I would love to learn more about the candles when the sellers are in control and when the buyers are in controls and I also want to learn when to sell and when to buy stuffs like that

  16. Thabang Tau

    Details, datails, details… Love how y’all break it down in details… Helpful

  17. silent valley wilderness tours Latif

    Your caption may also have been: “Listen to what the Candlestick whispers”. You have a wonderful way of interpreting what a melee of Buyers & Sellers do while Share-mongering in the marketplace. Great work!

  18. Darkness Prince

    .” how to read the high time frame to take trade on lower time frame with a strategy””…..i am a student. so i just want to spend a little time to make a small profit……at last you are amazing sir

  19. Mariano Vazquez

    Great great great video!!! I was looking for this during weeks and finally found it!!! thank you Wysetrade team!!!

  20. Maly Chan

    Thank for the high quality video I like watching it many times

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