Candlestick Charting 

Candlestick charts: The ULTIMATE beginners guide to reading a candlestick chart


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48 Thoughts to “Candlestick charts: The ULTIMATE beginners guide to reading a candlestick chart”

  1. Brandon Quinn

    I have spent a lot of time watching other videos on candlesticks never commenting on any until now, I learned more in the last 15 minutes then I did watching all of the others combined. Articulated very well and I wish I had watched yours first. Truly is the ultimate guide for beginners. I appreciate it and look forward to watching the other videos you’ve done.

    1. Anthony Larios

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    2. Nishan Burhan

      Agreed really amazing. Thank You

    3. wise mcloughlin

      Focus on learning your trades, don’t enter to make money, enter because there is a high probability setup and you should take it. if you care about your trades, money will take care of you. Most traders can’t wait to find a good trade, they think that they are leaving money on the table while successful traders don’t trade for days sometimes. Because money comes from the best trades, You will find it more favorable when you study more about IQD strategy from Lukasz Wilhelm is easy, simple and more profitable. Trading is a long journey, it takes time, patience,and you must have a champion mindset if you want to become a successful trader.

    4. DripzOfficial

      I wanna say the same thjng bro

  2. Corey Smith

    This video is like a liquid gold.. Its priceless.

    1. Diving Chipmunk

      @Günter Schwarz idk either

    2. Cane Kennedy

      @Mazhar Ajesh then teach me lmao

    3. chavadean wright

      Günter Schwarz mm

    4. crypto freeborn

      Liquid Gold? Try €250 to €1000 within 6days no doubt Mr Hugo Hollander is a real professional and I just stick to his instructions. He makes me the best profit margins and he’s really consistent. I got to know about his services on this channel ( hugotraderofficial @gmail com ) get through to him.

  3. The Lavish Trader

    I love how you broke everything down! Candlestick analysis is so important because they all tell a story in a since of what the other candlesticks are doing in smaller timeframes from the larger ones. You can tell when the trend will reverse into another trend based of candlesticks. Excellent video!

  4. Trade Moore

    Very good content… I love using candlestick analysis in my trading. Great job!

  5. Janet Ellis

    You did go a little fast (for me) towards the end explaining how we determine market direction. But I’m going to watch video again. Thank you 🙏

    1. megyn Kelly1

      He did not tell us WHEN to sell, i thought we must SEll after buying holding the stock!

    2. Chrisztóf Mária

      Here’s a simple logic, If you took every single decent price action signal on a chart with a risk of $200 on each trade for example, you would
      have suffered two losses, achieved one full 1:3 return, and have an open trade which is currently floating at 1:1, but looks like it’s well on the way to hitting 1:3. If the open trade hits its target, then a floating profit
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    3. Eagle i Trader

      @megyn Kelly1 you determine when to sell before you get into the market. that is in another video. it is called your 2 to 1 risk/reward on the trade. hope that helps if you haven’t found the answer yet.

  6. Kim

    hey!! i thank you very much for this! 🙂 i am a newbie with trading and this helps me a lot understanding how to interpret resistances and breakouts.. i thought before those are the MAs lol 🙂

    1. Beatrix Wilson

      Mr Kyle have been the only man to impress me so far with His awesome trading strategies, I was once a loser in trading option, for many years of following many you-tub videos and some quack brokers who’s strategy have never been helpful, But Thanks to my friend who introduced me to Mr kyle, Now i make massive income as profit to every trade i place with instructions from Him,You too can be a winner all you have to do is contact Mr Kyle today …………via his email ………… kylejason9001 @ gmail. com

  7. Lexi Victoria

    I was having the HARDEST time understanding candlestick charts and drawing trendlines and wtf support and resistance had to do with analyzing the charts… and this video laid it ALLLL out for me more than any other video. Gonna only watch yours because the rest of the channels just confuse me.

    1. MegaMsc123

      Ahmad Rajpoot f off ranjit

    2. Christopher Marecho


    3. Lawrence.E Williams

      Are you still trading? How have you done

  8. Lori Favela

    Oh man, where have you been all my education career???I’ll be watching your channel forever. Thank you.😎😎😎😎

  9. Jesse Dawson

    Thank God someone knows how to teach. Thank you so much

    1. Alwine Oguah

      Jesse Dawson ikr

  10. Crypto Black-Sheep

    I’m almost in tears right now, because this video just changed my life… Not even joking. I was looking for an explanation of candlesticks and I appreciate you. Shine that light brother!

  11. PREEM508

    no cap.. you have blessed me w this video😭

    1. Ivan Stevenson

      You and me BOTH, blessings bruh and fortune- Ivan🙏🏾

    2. Maribel Ransom

      what site or sofware you use for trade? im new

    3. Heat Makker

      Yo what type of trading Is that on your profile picture

  12. william kamore

    2019 this is the most informative videos for me as a beginner….can anyone refer me to more of beginner videos of this technical analysis graphs? i’d really appreciate

  13. August Mason

    Think this video is great, but it do not guarantee you 100% of not losing your money. Knowing when to trade on a new event that comes up is a big issue many traders have neglected. And this results in lost in stack. Trading is not all about putting your hard earned money all into it. You can still trade and do your normal routine job. The best way for you to succeed in the trading affair is for you have a trading account manager that will give you tips and strategy on when to trade and the best time to stack the money. You might have been trading for day months year now and haven’t had any win yet. But knowing the best time strategy and tip to trade will surely results a profitable cash out.

    1. Munish Kohli

      @The Shield You are absolutely right. I figured it out. Didn’t give a single penny.


      @The Shield thank you man

    3. The Shield

      @AYUK SAVIOUR for what?

  14. Drippa

    I’m a begginer in trading I didn’t know much about trading till after this video it helps alot but im also gonna have to re watch later cause I am a bit high and i keep losing focus

    1. Kevin nivek

      Have you lost any money.?

  15. cool cliq

    Its so funny how i found this video after blowing my account twice🤦Now i have much knowlegde about the market than i thought i knew! Great work bruh. I’ma follow you coz your teachings are pure GOLD

  16. Silicci Orlando

    Outstanding, how come I haven’t seen this video before, I’m definitely subscribing

    1. Preta Semènta

      I can’t express my joy enough, meeting this man have added meaning to my life, just cashed out another $17000 just after 3months of investing. I’ve made a little over $30,000 just to think before the year runs out. I’m highly grateful.

    2. kate clause

      (Bearbullyfx on Telegram) he’s always available

  17. Lucille Febland

    This tutorial is gold! You would understand what I’m saying if you traded for months without results.

    1. Desai Hwang

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    2. Alasdair Ruthven

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    3. Liu Zhejiang

      I can well say that Grafton offers terrific value to every investing experience level.

  18. Mia Love

    Hey I just started I’m on imarkets live I’ve been watching the videos but I don’t get how to trade still or how to use the stop loss or what the hell I’m looking at any advice????

  19. Martial Brown

    Get a good strategy manager and relax yourself from the stress while he manage your account and make good profits for you weekly


    this guy is good i am starting to see now when to buy and sel

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