Candlestick Charting 

Five Power Candlestick Patterns in Stock Trading Strategies by Adam Khoo


Supply investment & trading insights by Adam Khoo shows you profitable trading and investment possibilities in today's securities market.

These are vital stock trading techniques for supply traders as well as capitalists who wish to improve their investment as well as trading performance.

Adam Khoo is a specialist supplies and also foreign exchange trading and the best-selling writer of 'Winning the Video Game of Supplies" and "Make money from the Panic". Thousands of trainees have benefited from his sharp financial investment understandings into the world of supply investing and also trading.

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45 Thoughts to “Five Power Candlestick Patterns in Stock Trading Strategies by Adam Khoo”

  1. Ace of Vegas

    Best, simplest, clearest and most precise explanation for interpreting candlestick patterns ever!!
    You are a legend!

    1. Conservative Vanguard

      Seriously, Adam is one of the best teachers I have had the pleasure of listening to. Content is so excellent. Thank you Adam.

    2. Sokol The Grinder

      Celsius Loop Productions ò

    3. pathnativejam

      I concur.

    4. Terrie Stoy

      Adams videos are great! Can u tell me levels of Bollinger Bands?

    5. hai prem

      Bearish and bullish pin is work in time frame pls clear my doubt

  2. E.T Rogers

    I watched this about 5 times to make sure I’ve learned everything in the video. This is priceless! Thanks!

    1. Conrad Moore

      Me too

    2. Denise

      This is my second time watching the video 😄

    3. aowens9192

      Good to know. I will watch when I get home. Taking a peek at work but want to really watch later.

    4. Rohan

      please help me out guys,he says to have 50MA,150MA 12.56,what is that “last 60″ in after selecting 50MA I gets this ” MA(50,close) ” guys but sir is getting different,can anyone help me ,thanks buddy

    5. Jessica Pham

      E.T Rogers said

  3. Richard

    For action movies i like jackie chan more than the others. in learning how to trade i like adam the most.

    1. Nutu V

      why is it “failed” ?

    2. Ivan Aleksanda

      Adam Khoo is the Jackie Chan of trading!

    3. kareemie

      fucking racist

    4. Jeff Sanders

      What a racist prick…

      You sure live up to your name, Richard.

  4. Anastasia Woods

    You are an excellent teacher 🙂

    1. Eskimoto

      better than karen fooooguazi

    2. Boris Sodji

      Of course he is!

    3. Kelvin Muruthi

      Good explanation ,best teacher ever met

  5. Yvonne Weirr

    This is about the very best video that explains candlestick patterns perfectly well in simple, easy-to-follow language!

    1. Ryan

      Jerremy at Real Life Trading is one of the best candlestick guys I’ve come across and an awesome teacher. I highly recommend his stuff – plus it’s all free. I’ve only recently stumbled across Adam’s channel and I see some similarities and that he’s providing a lot of great information from a different perspective for me. I mean this is the only other guy, besides Jerremy, to teach the one white soldier and one black crow candles.

    2. hai prem

      Bearish and bullish pin is work in time frame pls clear my doubt and this is suitable for forex market

    3. Taunyane Majoe

      It’s true,cause am currently taking some notes as a first time begginer

    4. Robert Kristof

      Jeremy Newsome is legit. He really is like Adam Khoo, a fellow good human

    5. RIYAS V

      Me totally agree, by the way does anyone know how to take decision using moving average lines, please let me know

  6. mehar saeed

    live long sir 🙂 <3 love from pakistan .you are the best teacher on youtube

  7. Noelia

    thank you so much for your vid, I had no idea and I want to start trading forex, I found this video the clearest and well structured of all of the videos that I watched already, I am subscribed to your channel, and I am going to see the rest of your lesson…thumb up!

  8. Nandakumar Pachpute

    thanks sir you have given full trading knowledge of trading candle stick paterns


    I’ve seen a lot of video on this type of thing on YouTube.. but the explanations really fill in the gaps.. and give an amazing explanation. A very good teacher..

  10. Rebecca M

    Everytime when I come back to rewatch this I learn something new; thanks Adam.

  11. Bong Chav'z

    Sir Adam, thank you much for making this vedio. This is so precise and easy to undertand. Long live

    1. Jardon Javenun

      sir i understand yet concept a lot

  12. Torrent Mine

    Confidence is not “I will profit on this trade.” Confidence is “I will be fine if I don’t profit from this trade.

  13. Jericho Ocampo

    thank you so much!! I learned a lot! this is the first video I have watched from you.. very informative.. more power sir!

  14. Oliver Selle

    Hello Adam. thank you. I just got into trading and your content is fantastic.

  15. Ibrahima Bah Bah

    Your courses are priceless!
    You’re the best teacher i’ve ever seen!
    Clear and concise!

  16. SE E

    FinallyI learned something thank you 🙏🙏🙏

  17. Jacob Kennedy

    I am new in forex. I started reading about forex trading 4 days ago and watching your videos. I am feeling like I have moved from preschool to university in 5 days. I have a long way to go though. Thank you very much Adam Khoo. Initially I only saw the candlesticks as bars. Now I understand even their names. God bless you.

  18. Gold Val

    i admire the dedication to teaching others… simply amazing!! Thank You so much !!

  19. Nawzadbaban

    First of all thank you
    • he talks about those candlestick in days
    Can we use it in minutes?
    Is it work the same?
    Thanks for helping

  20. Emily Macapili

    Priceless, even for starters like me. This video is 3 yrs old but the information is constant and very important. Thanks for doing all this.

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