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22 Thoughts to “How Penny Stocks work”

  1. Frank .Shea

    That made me laugh, hilarious and sad, but true.

  2. lopytube

    nice irony with your spelling

  3. aaronrn

    so true

  4. YusefDeeb69

    What’s with the ocean sounds?

  5. stevedog36

    God this is spot on. Got tons of laughs out of this. Well done!

  6. MrRavens91

    hahahaha oh this is so true

  7. jack Swindle

    “ARE you Fucking serious ” in robot voice is just epic

  8. Kelona

    HAHAHAHA best stock video ever!!! You should get an award for this.

  9. MisterMeanour

    LOL, this is hilarious.

  10. Shiftless Lazycrat

    this gave me a hearty laugh more than a few times.

  11. Risk-Adjusted Angle

    Wow, an honest take on penny stocks and it was actually funny in the text-to-speech format it was in.

    1. jimjones55

      penny stocks are great

    2. stevenyankee

      great share but robotic

    3. John Barrett

      Almost reminds me of FSD Pharma.

  12. PresidentWu

    When Blackberry was making their comeback I was that girl hahahahahaha The biggest unlucky part was everyone in Canada was talking about Blackberry and it was doing great here. Wish I was in the US and saw that no one cared lol

  13. Penny Chats

    This is hilarious!

  14. Hassan Hoque


  15. Apple Bag

    lol that’s great

  16. Dave Drew


  17. Bran Shepard

    HAHAHAHA! yup, my first time trading i was intrigued by pennies, i only had 500 starting and thought “WOW! if this kicks back up to what it was trading at in 2002, ill be rich!” that 500 became 300…then 230..then 110..then 80..i thought “oh no..this has gone horribly wrong” but everyone was saying “just shaking weak hands, next year, this will be above $5!” so i held..and what do you know, it DID get to $5! after a reverse split and a PO. i was holding about $12 out of that 500 and now i short those pennies and make money…lessons learned

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