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35 Thoughts to “How To Find Penny Stock Promoters and Stocks To Short (What is a Pump and Dump)”

  1. Jonas Hansen

    So the “smart people”, will get for an example 100 stocks at the stocks price peak, and then instantly sell it.
    Then the day later the stock prices falls, and then you buy 100 stocks back and give it back to your broker – with profit to youself, because you didn’t pay the same price for the stocks when you buy them back.
    This is just an exmaple btw. But am I right?

    1. IGottaMakeIt

      Yes, thats correct.

    2. Bonny Bonnaya

      Can it be traded on my behalf and can foreign nationals trade??

    3. Justin Marcus

      @Bonny Bonnaya does anyone have more information about this guy he seems like he just dropped of the grid. i want to learn so much more!!!

    4. Bonny Bonnaya

      @Justin Marcus me too have tried to get information on him but not yet find any

  2. Jason Mark

    I wish you were my teacher you make things so easy.

  3. Joshua Sakharny

    Absolutely astonished to see that another person wants to help everyone else make money and increase capital. I can’t tell you how much value and information these videos contain, and I want to thank you for getting the beginners a deep insight and a headstart all to the pros a few more tips. Keep it up, you just got a new subscriber, just awesome, helped me out so much! :))

    1. IGottaMakeIt

      Thanks! Glad I was able to help you.

    2. TheAsterixUK

      Please continue uploading videos! We love you!

    3. SuBee Heart

      Hey, are you going to upload new videos? I would love to contact you personally for more advice. How can I get in touch?? Email?

  4. IPrince Majestic

    This is absolutely brilliant! I really congratulate you for hustling the legitimate way. And you are explaining in a way and vernacular that I can relate to and clearly understand. Very well acknowledgable, and your presentations are highly professional.

    We thank you so much brother. I am definitely motivated to go ahead and get started with this investment move. I hope you continue to make “real” videos.

  5. Derek Riche

    I just went to i gotta make it dot com….man o man. where did this Angel of A Brother Come From? He is a blessing on this planet!!!!!! Thank you for being who you are. I dont have to go into details. Thankyou Brother ..Thankyou. I just got into penny stocks and will listen to you OTW in/out…..

    1. Glen Whiteheart

      Why did this site close down ?

  6. Spook Amoo

    By far your videos are the BEST I’ve seen out of literately 100’s in the past 2 Mo. trying to make sense out of this game. Your kindness and willingness to share your knowledge with the world will take you far in life. Thank you for laying it out like it is and YES, your โ€œConcise Courseโ€ is Worth a $$$ Million $$$

  7. Reaz

    I think it’s great how you show us live examples on your own desktop. it always makes things clearer.

  8. maddy gadal

    i dont know what your name is but you seem like a very much motivated person who is helping out beginners like me to understand the scenario in simple terms. Just want to thank you for the coolest informations.

    1. IGottaMakeIt

      maddy gadal Your welcome

    2. maddy gadal

      Hey just want to ask you a question. Can you short sell the stock in this scenario where its at the highest point and make money when its value goes down to 10 cents from 90 cents.

    3. Samar's Gadgets World

      maddy gadal no

  9. Keith Dohmen

    Stayed up until 5am watching.
    then again all day today, easter.
    binge watched with my family all day. You rock ! (no b.s.)
    we own 2 sucessful private business, assets in the millions
    started poor, poor, poor, washed windows door to door to pay for trade school. I worked very hard all my life even 10 years in Dutch Harbor Alaska working as a self-employed welder diver, welding underwater on Pipelines, Crab boats, and ships. Now co-own and operate private Alaska Pipeline maintenance company.
    We found that you are not unlike us in your desire to make a difference in other peoples lives.
    Thank you for paying it forward,
    When you come to Alaska or Hawaii I will be glad to show you around. Smoke some frosty MTF with you. Much appreciated (you helped me with something that nobody else did) you are a gifted teacher. ( p.s.) first 10 years of my life were in the projects in Pittsburgh I delivered thousands of newspapers to help out my mom, at a young age I learned to respect money. Grateful for people like you. ๐Ÿ

    1. PapaSwiss

      Stop flexing on us๐Ÿ˜‚

    2. IGottaMakeIt

      Much respect brother. Your story is a major inspiration. Would love to smoke some frosty when I visit Alaska, I’ll reach out!

    3. Edwin I

      How much did u charge to wash windows? Im trying to start my own business just curious about the pAticulars!! Plz give me info, im interested in store fronts

  10. Trodex

    You just became the most important person on youtube right now for me. Thanks a lot man for your videos. Great stuff!

  11. uknow who

    This is such a racket. Makes me see the world completely differently. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  12. Blend Uzairi

    Bro you’re not just an amazing youtuber for sharing all this information, but also an amazing human being for trying everything to help us! As the rest of all us already said, thank you from the deepest of our hearts.

    1. IGottaMakeIt

      Blend Uzairi Wow man thank you. This really meant a lot

  13. Josiah O'Neal

    Iโ€™m sitting here shaking my head at how โ€œsimpleโ€ it really is and the fact that everyone out there is nearly a promoter and not there to help you…but are the truth now I have the knowledge to know what to look for to gain more knowledge.

  14. Bigbrowwn 780

    Is this still the same in 2019??

    1. kyle harry

      I cant find the websites

  15. Diane Parei

    Is there a reason no one ever explains exactly HOW to borrow stock from the broker?

  16. Razor Karanja

    Damn. That was some truly powerful and priceless information bro. Appreciate that

  17. Ervin Alexander

    Great info bro! If you ever in cali, hit me up, we need to smoke a blunt or joint or both and politic. โœŠ๐ŸฟโœŠ๐ŸฟโœŠ๐ŸฟโœŠ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  18. Alessandra Sosa

    omg he had me cracking up and damn i actually learned something !!! thank you!

  19. Alessandro Terracciano

    I’ve just added a bunch of them, but I don’t see them putting their tick or company… it’s just advertisment..

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