Penny Stocks 

How To Find The Best Penny Stocks In 15 Mins | Day Trader


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35 Thoughts to “How To Find The Best Penny Stocks In 15 Mins | Day Trader”

  1. Rafael Ramirez

    I think it’s good that you are showing your watch list on the board it really does help get the hole concept before hand.


  2. talien aliens

    Great Vid Ricky!! Thanks again for taking the time to explain your strategies….

  3. 911adt

    was it just me or was this video really choppy for anyone else?

    1. Louie Vanderhyde

      911adt glad I’m not the only one I started streaming to my TV from my tablet and thought I was losing connection, it’s been like that on other videos

    2. Dylan Marinov

      911adt because it is a live stream

    3. Razvan Marin

      Lovely Video clip! Apologies for the intrusion, I am interested in your opinion. Have you heard about – Rozardner Broker Teaching Reality (probably on Google)? It is a smashing one off product for turning one thousand into two thousand five hundred dollars in a day minus the headache. Ive heard some super things about it and my friend Sam got cool results with it.

  4. melissa rizzo

    didnt really explain HOW to find hot penny stocks, more like WHY you would pick those. the reasons and analysis make sense, but HOW do you actually stumble accross these stocks in first place? there are over thousands of penny stocks in the market, so HOW do you go about narrowing it to 6 stocks in 15 minutes?

    1. Francis Lambert

      HI, “stockbestmarketwatch” is the best way to get around and understand what is happening that day or prior too. Peace:)

    2. Chocolate Chip

      hweenmask breathe

    3. RockstahRolln

      “HOW do you actually stumble accross these stocks in first place?” – EXACTLY what I want to know!!

    4. AREY27

      Pick a stock and do an analysis….. if it shows signs of potential well there you go if not than on to the next one. If one shows signs of potential then id probably look more into it and try and learn more about it. But overall you would want to be familiar with the market your trading in (i.e. tech) like someone mentioned above. But thats the name of the game! Ricky and his pals i am sure do this constantly and share information with one another making it easier to have list of potential stocks to trade. Like he says though never trade in a stock unless your able to do your own analysis and understand the value in taking a certain position.

  5. SH Performance

    Hey could you add me to the group? I requested entry a couple hours ago, and can’t wait to get started! Love the videos!!!

  6. Troy N

    could you go over the math on the 2.3 or so compounding interest on 3 out of 5 trades per week again. I understand the equation however is that with putting 100% equity or the account in each of the three trades or overall?

    1. jakeallstar1

      Troy Niquette yes he’s trading his entire account every trade.

  7. ayanda simelane

    can u make a vid on how you did the tech analysis to get those choices you made.

  8. Daffy Tv

    I have more nuts then you! 😀

    1. Ricky Gutierrez


  9. Je Suis Carl

    your video is titled “How To Find The Best Penny Stocks In 15 Mins” but you only analyze stocks you have already found. Do you have a video that shows to to find stocks to analyze?

    1. Max Davies

      Use a stock scanner and filter by price (maybe $4 or less) and volume (1+ million, more the better). Then dive in and start your technical analysis of the results.

    2. Jake N

      Je Suis Carl pretty sure all you need to do is google a list of volatile penny stocks. Video is waste of time

    3. Macktube X

      Je Suis Carl Clickbate

    4. bigswolejah

      I’m guessing that still yields hundreds if not thousands of reults???

    5. Jenna Gordon

      @Jake N stupid. Volitility changes every day every minute you cant rely on google. figure it out yourself bro.

  10. Magic11

    Love your videos but I can’t find one on how you screen your stocks before analyzing them 🙁 Can you please do one on that subject?

  11. Jeff Shiflett

    Thanks, I always learn something from your vids.

  12. Sam Nawaz

    I was wondering if anyone wanted to mentor me lol, I’m really intrigued by day trading and I wanna learn a lot

  13. desirabledeals4u

    wow… The title of this video is “How To Find The Best Penny Stocks In 15 Mins | Day Trader” So far I am 7 min into this vid, and he still hasn’t gone into how to find the best penny stocks…. Is it me? or did I miss something?

    1. Universoul Man

      Misses it. Its all in the bounces. Finding value in the red

  14. Hanzalah Sheikh

    hey there can u actually show how you came upon these stocks? Like where are you finding these stocks from?

  15. Dalton Phy

    Love this video man, I respect what you do and I’m heavily interested. How can I get more involved with you and your team other than being subscribed to your channel and TechBuds?

  16. It tI

    What do you mean by “locking in” profits, like after the stocks you have increase in value, what should I do to be safe?

  17. Gustavo Fring

    When he says it breaks the EMA does that mean it is the 25 ema or 200 ema?

  18. Terence McLaughlin

    Thanks brother you are one of very few I mean like 1% that literally is training us to be able to do this without spending hours trying to find the right one to go with thanks I really appreciate it!

  19. Jack OConnor

    Great videos you’ve been very helpful new Sub

  20. T V

    Love the video and the information man but are you broadcasting this from Kabul? Ha ha

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