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Mastering the Best Candlestick Pattern | Urban Forex


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In this webinar Navin uses Trading Sight for his charting software program. You can get your free thirty days trial here:

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37 Thoughts to “Mastering the Best Candlestick Pattern | Urban Forex”

  1. fathi azmi

    can’t made it but glad to see this, thanks!

    1. Urban Forex

      You’re welcome Fathi 🙂

  2. Rachel Beason

    Thanks Navin! My first time hearing “You chase you die” and its something I needed to hear.

  3. Aindriú Mac Giolla Eoin

    thanks for the uploading, i missed tuesday !

    1. Urban Forex

      You’re welcome Aindriu.

  4. Ankit kumar

    awesome navin, your webinar makes so much sense and really the market goes that way, big boys always win… thanksss again

    1. Urban Forex

      Thanks Ankit! Check out our blog, Ankit, and don’t miss any new post and other exclusive content =>

  5. I P

    thank you navin as always its awesome video and always catch the AHA moment in every webbinar,,#to be a better…cherrsss

    1. Urban Forex

      Thanks, and I wish you success in your journey to become a better trader.

  6. P.N. Ranganathan

    It is always a pleasure to watch your webinar Navin. Crystal-clear presentation, with logic, and very humorous! Hope you visit Philadelphia when you visit the US next.

    1. Urban Forex

      Glad you like Navin’s webinars. I am not sure when Navin is visiting the US next, but you can follow his Facebook page ->

      He give regular updates there where he is heading to next …

  7. MLG master

    hi Naveen, I have just started paying some attention to trading and I must say that I am gaining something through your webinars although I do not understand hundred percent but but I pick up something to work on and it is really good. would you recommend something for a beginner?

    1. Urban Forex

      Thanks for your kind words Orient. Glad this is helpful.

      A good start would be to have a look at our free content at either Navin’s YouTube channel (especially his webinars) or Navin’s blog ( (if you haven’t already seen all of this). You also can go through some forex basics here:

      If you want to speed up your learning I suggest you have a look at Navin’s Mastering Price Action course (but I advice you to start with the free content and see if you understand and like Navin’s style of teaching). In case you would like to have more information about the mastering price action course, you can shoot us a message ->

  8. Bongumusa Nyamane

    Watching this 6 months later and so many aha moments already! going to try it out and see and will come back with results from before this knowledge and after it!

    1. Urban Forex

      Great to hear about the AHA-moments 🙂

  9. The Stuffed Vegan

    Great info and fun. Thank you!

  10. Presyous Ideas

    This was honestly one of the best videos I have watched. Great information.

    1. Urban Forex

      Thanks for the kind words Presyous 🙂

  11. Chi

    Amazing webinar! Thanks for sharing Navin! I’m just wondering where I can find the chart that you are using?

    1. Urban Forex

      Thank you for the kind words Chi 🙂
      Navin is using TradingView to look at his charts :



    2. Chi

      Thanks Lucille! God bless you!

  12. Mark Burton

    Cracking stuff! Is there a PDF so I can print off some examples? Many thanks & God bless. M

    1. Urban Forex

      There isn’t. A small hack many students use is to pause the video on each new chart screen, make a screenshot, analyse (and draw if necessary) and then see if Navin see the chart in the same way 🙂

  13. technical vivek

    Thankyou sir ,god bless you

  14. jariemilov

    Amazing wisdom! Thank you so much for this knowledge!

    1. Urban Forex

      Glad to hear that you liked it 🙂

  15. Thomas Weinberg

    Wow, great man! I’ve been following your tips and using them with the Spectro Indicator and getting good results (for a beginner). You might want to check it out too, so far it seems pretty legit!

    1. Urban Forex

      I’m not sure what is that indicator but I’m glad to hear that it works for you with Navins teachings 🙂

  16. Thabo Mashele

    A definite “Aha!” moment for me. Thank you for this video.

    1. Urban Forex

      Really glad to hear that you got your Aha moment ! 🙂

  17. Sex maniac

    Hey man I want to sign up for your classes . Can you send me a link thanks

    1. Urban Forex

      You can find all of Navin’s courses on the Urban Forex Store ( If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact the support team at 🙂

      We are looking forward to seeing you in Navin’s courses!

  18. Three 60

    Sir, do you also teach to how to trade in binary options also?
    I see your video for the first time and found it very helpful and interesting. I want to learn more..

    1. Urban Forex

      Any of the principles taught by Navin is applicable to any kind of market. In fact we wrote a short article about this. Check it out:

  19. Fredrick Masuku

    ”AH HA” that’s all I can say. Thank you so much. I’m only two weeks young in Forex trading and with your Webinar recordings, I have managed to seat down and draft my Trade plan (still work in progress).
    Do you have a Webinar for ”Which type of trader are you?”?
    Once again thank you.

    1. Urban Forex

      We will probably do a private webinar for What Type Of Trader Are You course students in the near future 🙂

  20. Vladan Savic

    Until forex metric app i thought i knew it and that messed my head. I lost 4 trades today. Will get back to demo account and rest for few days, meditate. Namaste

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