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The Millionaire Who Built a Penny Stock Fortune at 27


March 12– Financier Josh Sason turned cent supply financial investments right into a multi-million buck lot of money as well as is currently dealing with building a home entertainment realm. Bloomberg's Zeke Faux reports on "In The Loophole." (Corrects name.).

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33 Thoughts to “The Millionaire Who Built a Penny Stock Fortune at 27”

  1. DanKest

    how do i give companies loans in return for stock?

    1. Supernova

      That’s not what’s going on here.

    2. 11 11


      Please explain // I m interested

    3. Supernova

      @11 11 , sounds like convertible bonds. The difference between bonds and equity is that equity investors can lose everything when the stock goes to zero. Bond holders on the other hand have a legal claim to the firm’s assets the way a bank would if the company in question took out a bank loan. To get his business started he had to have money already to lend, connections, and a legal team to advise him on how to do this.

      Its very easy to lend to the wrong start ups or penny stock companies and lose everything. My guess is that this guy is a loan shark and probably stiffs the companies with high interest rates not to mention he gets a potential claim in the firm in the form of equity in the even that the firm does well.

    4. Liboni Ngullie

      First of all an army of aggressive lawyers. He can’t set the interest rates as he wishes. If he does that he won’t be able to sue them back.
      Start up’s are vulnerable. They are desperate for capital. The secret is to go slow at least at the start or face the possibility of loosing huge shares or face huge debts. He understands that. So he presents himself as dolphins to these start up’s. Let the interest do the tricks. When he knows the companies are not in position to pay back the loans without causing big looses. They make a private deal. This is a grey area. You can call it blackmailing or a wise investor. Depends on your personality and you exposer to the world of financing.

  2. marlonmruss

    I learned something!

  3. Jake Smith

    this dude forces and tricks desparate companies into giving him shares at steep discounts, in other words he’ll make a profit no matter what the market price of the stock is! Because of him the shareholders of companies are practically decimated.
    With a greek shipping company called NewLeads he gave a loan to them and than paid NewLeads lenders for the right to collect NewLead’s old debts, He than sued to collect which allowed him to file a settlement that allows him to receive loads of cheap shares.
    He’s a vulture looking for weak desparate companies and will do anything to get those shares

    1. Jake Smith

      true true
      capitalism is as efficient humans can get

    2. C’estlavie123

      Honestly Jake, you make an amazing point. I had a feeling he had to have been playing good cop bad cop because it doesn’t seem right for him to casually gain all this money no matter what. Everyone knows if the stock goes down so does your money but his doesnt in glad i read your message because it was clear what he did. The only problem is. Thats sadly how business works. Its a shame especially with him randomly starting a movie. If i had that money forget movies start franchises hes still young and he has time to learn about franchises and owning businesses. He can start a generation but i guess him spending his money is more important haha.

    3. Jake Smith

      the thing is there are plenty of other groups and individuals who are doing this and they get no media coverage what so ever

    4. Hideo Kuze

      It isn’t illegal & is part of the game. He didn’t give them a loan, he payed off a portion of their lenders & bought some of the company’s debts & sued them. It didn’t go bankrupt but it did ruin its stock, “ruin” is an understatement tbh.. From $4000 per share to 20 billionths of a penny in 6 months, that’s a massacre! That’s why you got to be on your toes when it comes to the stock market, it can get vicious, its all about knowing your risks & if you’re in debt, you’re chances of getting fck’d are high.

  4. faresar

    Invested 200 million dollars. Man he was poor

    1. Travis Patton

      You’d be surprised how much easier it is than you think

    2. 11 11

      @Travis Patton HOW?

    3. lozko karamitev

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  5. Mike Oxlong

    wow. besides for the 200 million dollars, he was completely self made from scratch!

    1. ceibert2000

      i thought it is describing how he has invested 200mil over the course of his investing life

  6. Financial, Business & Stocks Analysis and Reviews

    Great interview, are you guys going to interview Josh Sason?

  7. Jake Cormack

    Securitized based loans – Very risky but profitable.

  8. F M

    Where did get get the money to land if he was living with mommy and daddy. Crappie story many details are missing.

  9. Tony John

    I’d spend it on value hookers. 💲💲‼️

  10. Kristovsky

    He must have had that NZT. I gotta get me some..

  11. Alex K.

    Imagine being called Zeke Faux

  12. coltekr

    She definitely doesn’t understand sh*t.

  13. bohdi sativa2

    I dont believe this entire story he must of knew people and starting with a million.

  14. leah Renee


  15. Have An Awesome Day

    Death spiral financing.
    Old trick.

    Collecting investors and companies cash by bankrupting companies.


    Leverage bruh

  17. William Wu

    Thought it was Tim Sykes

  18. William Wu

    Normal people don’t have 200 millions to loan

  19. Kenneth Wiley

    convertable stocks using a margin account using a deep discount broker

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