Candlestick Charting 

Understanding Candlestick Charts for Beginners


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Learn just how to recognize candlestick charts for beginners.

This video clip will show newbies just how to recognize the details on a candlestick chart. It will take you with every part of the candle holder, detailed.

The info in this video is crucial for anybody curious about cost action trading.

Future video clips will certainly educate you whatever you need to recognize to become a successful investor. From beginner to expert. The details I desire had actually been readily available for me when I began trading.

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39 Thoughts to “Understanding Candlestick Charts for Beginners”

  1. salman sahnoon

    Seriously this is the best video for beginners that i ever watch …

    1. AE R

      No seriously, yes it is the best video for beginners…so far. I agree.

    2. Kanubhai Panchal

      yes,You are right.

    3. Sasino _

      This video was great

  2. TechMidas

    Thank you for this explanation. Now this is how you teach a beginner!!

    1. Decisive Trading

      +zephi764 Thanks Zephi

    2. Marcelle Fouche

      TechMidas twin

  3. Dave Wright

    Thank you for putting this primer together. I like how the information builds from one to the next. your graphics are good too. THANK YOU for these videos.

  4. Cut The Cord LLC

    You Sir are the BOMB! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE VIDEOS! I never knew how to read charts or support and resistance, that has been a game changer I was not doing so well, but after watching all your beginner videos ive been doing great! do you have a paypal or something? id love to buy you a drink or something!

  5. Must Luv Candy

    Thank you! I’m a beginner and this was very helpful.

    1. luisvega666


    2. Denise

      How is trading going for you now that it’s been two years? I am now a beginner trying to learn everything about the stocks.

    3. luisvega666

      @Denise email me piotr.slab’ i ll help you

    4. Milan

      @Denise hi there if I may ask are you still trading? And is it going well?

  6. Lee Horrocks

    Great Videos,James! Am going through every one..your explanations are so concise yet was to understand..well done & thank you.

  7. Colin Cochran

    RIP color blind traders.

    1. Maerick Lim

      u can still see if its a bull or a bear lol

    2. Ti Nicole Official

      Colin Cochran 💀

    3. Bud Pierce

      Colin Cochran thx

    4. Forever Yours

      Colin Cochran 💀💀

  8. Joni Oscar

    Thank you for simplifying it James..all the best for your 5 mins to learn basic candle chart reading respect!

  9. Orlando Arias

    You’re the real MVP.

  10. 100 subscribers No Videos


  11. Saif Ahmed

    2019 loved it!

  12. Keishawn Gilbert

    thank you im new and was so confused as to whar candlesticks represented. books ive read arent very detailed

  13. Nick Fizzard

    I wish I had known this before I got started; this is the best thing ever.

  14. PRIEST LeeKid

    Who’s here 2019?

  15. Aisha Ahmed

    This was perfect James, thank you very much for this!

  16. paul potato

    ive already learned something in 3 mins. impressive

  17. Brian miller

    Great illistration, loved it.btw i need a trade expert.

    1. thompson taylor

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    2. binomo Tplt19

      Trade the right way and earn profits on the Binomo platform today.

    3. Matthew Currie

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    4. Matthew Currie

      My profits are being maximized over 130% for each investment i make within the estimated time frame.

  18. KaptainBasketball

    Even though I know it, I still watched

  19. Joseph Bergel

    1:05 and already liked and subscribed … thanks 👊🏼

  20. Chigz 75

    So short and precise. Felt like an hour’s worth of knowledge. Amazing

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