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Why options are better than penny stocks – learn how to trade options and penny stocks


If you wish to enter supply trading and learn just how to trade stocks, DON'T PROFESSION PENNY SUPPLIES. I clarify in 6 straightforward means, why trading options is better than trading dime stocks.


If you are a newbie seeking to trade or acquire penny stocks, and are really dedicated to simply trying to make a quick dollar (which I do not recommend, both the cent supplies and getting rich quick) then you are way much better off learning exactly how to trade supply alternatives than penny stocks given the clear benefits. Don't fall for cent stock pump as well as unload plans or day trading frauds stating you can acquire a supply as well as have it three-way in someday. Options are a highly unstable, dangerous, yet efficient method to trade supplies without making use of a great deal of cash as well as huge benefit (much like dime supplies).

I also show a clip from my webinar earlier today and describe how The Trading Fraternity functions a little! If you have any type of inquiries you can always reach out to me, or catch me and also my head traders EVERYDAY in the chat room! If you desire a totally free trial send me an email with the subject Chatroom!

If you would love to discover more concerning just how to trade supplies, options or cent stocks or require any type of tips for newbies, And Even if you already have experience, most likely to our web site.

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32 Thoughts to “Why options are better than penny stocks – learn how to trade options and penny stocks”

  1. Josh Howes

    shout to tim sykes and his used lambo

    1. Josh Howes

      +Griffen I’m about to be the richest sheep that’s walked this earth, so yeah, I’m really gunna enjoy it, thank you.

    2. Griffen

      @Erica Schroeder The best traders, whom I learn from make millions a year. A lot more than Sykes and they don’t have too show off their nice things. They just show their P/L. (Nathan Michaud and Kunal Desai) You’re an idiot too learn from Sykes lol Go do something smart and look up some reviews. Look what other good traders think about him. 

    3. Mamaki

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    4. N P

      Josh Howes 😂😂😂😂

  2. Abe Lincoln

    haha!! used lambo…. you gotta change it to “New Ferrari” now 😀

  3. Evan Triton

    Lol shade towards Timothy Sykes but i like you both.

  4. Eric C

    That thumbnail 😂

  5. Pedro Montes

    Teach me! I have no experience with stocks. I downloaded this app called Robinhood. It’s okay and all, but I hate that I don’t get my money on the same day. I only used for about a week.

  6. Alexander Bayer

    Haha absolutely hilarious listening to these idiots talking to each other at the end of the video. It’s like the three stooges, comical!

  7. killahnan

    Smh it’s not as simple as he is making it seem and 2 , buying to hold over night is just as risky or more risky with options without the right strategy or education. Option pricing is comprised of 2 things , intrinsic and extrinsic value . Extrinsic value is time decay and implied volatility . Basically every day u hold an option you loose money , if u notice on his screen there is something next to the prices called theta and that shows u how much per share you loose per day. Guys he is counting on your naivety and irrational exuberance , to jump in. With everything else in life it takes a Desire to learn and some hard work to be a profitable trader ; don’t be sheep to slaughter for the market or this Guy’s bank account 🚶🏿🚶🏿🚶🏿

    1. redsn0

      Wait how would he be making money from someone holding an option?

  8. Peyton Kendall TV

    Options are FARRRR more volatile than penny stocks it is not as simple as he claims it is you can lose 90,000 in a week just by listening to someone else’s advice.

  9. lucky trader

    Options is not that easy because time against you . I lost few k last year trading options. I’m still learning options it’s easier said than done.

  10. Ted Simpson

    Lmaoooo 😂 used Lamborghini aka Tim Skype

  11. Journey Greenleaf

    Should i invest in weed stocks ?

  12. Brandon Moore

    watup  josh! just wanted to say thanks for the great videos bro. Really helps a lot keep doing what your doing. Shout out from chula vista!

  13. Kris Arnold

    Hey thanks for a great video. I want to request if you could make a video on how do you scan and pick a company? Blend of tech and fundamental analysis?

  14. Kelvin Martins

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    1. Kelvin Martins

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    2. Beason Curd

      I’m using EIT Method and have nice profits

  15. B G

    The biggest win in options in my opinion is you don’t need to buy some ridiculous scanner. Highly liquid stocks are house hold names that you will run into over and over again. It makes research so easy and these strong stocks have much more consistent patterns

  16. Chewie 13

    Josh, glad I found your videos. Lots of noice there, thanks for reeling it in.

  17. Mike Tyson

    that boi josh been hittin home runs since day one!

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  19. KMWS 46 . ST.LOUIS,MO

    I wanna trade like u teach me 😀

  20. Sheldon Mills

    This is amazing bro! The battle royale and trading comparison that you made was really eye opening on the type of plays that I need to be scoping out. Thanks for the awesome video!

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