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3 (INSANELY SIMPLE) Trading Tips from Penny Stock Millionaire Steven Dux


Remarkable two days trading cent stocks with Steven Dux, signup at to find out personally too. Today, you made how much?!? And also message me at to obtain a bargain on Dux's new overview!

0:05 $42,000, now what are you as much as in total revenues? 1.7 million

0:20 1.7 million, I enjoy it, all my top students like, they claim when Tim Grittani passed a million, he's like, you recognize, I passed one. I passed one, you didn't pass one, you passed one million. Tim Grittani is now surrounding six million.

0:40 Tim Grittani found out to trade cent supplies from others which really accelerate his finding out contours, as well as I gained from Tim Grittani and also you, obviously, to speed up my finding out curve. To ensure that's why my success price is a little much faster than others.

3:15 It's humanity, however all the most effective lessons, this is why I say in order to have the persistence to wait on the very best trade, I consider myself as a retired investor.

4:00 To be person, I believe you need to exercise. Second, You can not be also hurried to earn money, like absolutely nothing comes actually quickly.

6:00 Do you hear this man? I claim this daily. Perhaps with the soft-spoken accent, perhaps that's what it's gon na take you to do it. My factor is that when there's no great play, many people are depressing, appropriate, they're like, aw, there's no great play. No, this is an advantage, this provides you a lot more opportunity to research to make sure that you can be better gotten ready for when the following play exists.

8:00 I such as using various ones, like the large percent gainers area good, however additionally big percent gainers over 3 days or 5 days or you understand, various things like that.

9:10 One suggestion for individuals enjoying this, your best idea. In addition to studying, apart from having patience, what's your 3rd idea? 'Cause those are 2 huge ones.

9:30 There's a great deal of examples, like us, for people that are getting effective really fast. If you wan na achieve success trading cent stocks, you need to function more difficult than us. So, not many people can be successful in trading. Eight out of 10 individuals shed cash.

10:30 Every profession I enter, I have a strategy. I have my threat degree. If it increases, my danger degree, I cut it, as well as when you cut it, you have a loss, however this loss you have to be truly comfortable with. So trading as well as the stock market resemble possibilities. If you take a loss, it serves since you understand you will make it back, your winning portion exists. Always trust fund yourself, be certain.

11:00 This person is so unbelievable, have a look at his new overview, we'll publish the link just below this video. Discover the policies, discover patience, recognize this is a marathon, not a sprint. You will certainly not necessarily become a millionaire like this guy within two years. Some pupils take much longer, which's penalty. Think about, oh, this is what I wanted to claim. I have actually been stating this to a great deal of trainees, let me know how it appears. I claim, what can you do today as well as tomorrow, today and also following week as well as this month that will offer you well over a year from now or 2 years from currently, meaning if you make $1,000 today, no matter a year from currently. But if you make $1,000 on a trade today complying with a strategy, and then you make use of that same plan with a larger account a year from now, that $1,000 possibly a year from now may be a $10,000 profit.

12:30 That is the very best point. When you have a tiny account, concentrate on learning just how to grow that little account. You're not gon na go from 1,000 to 1,000,000 simultaneously trading penny supplies. Try to go from 1,000 to 5,000, then 5,000 to 10,000, after that 10,000 to 30,000, then 30,000 to 100,000,000. After that, when you have already shown yourself, you have the procedure down and you comprehend, it coincides specific things, simply with bigger positions later.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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31 Thoughts to “3 (INSANELY SIMPLE) Trading Tips from Penny Stock Millionaire Steven Dux”

  1. Ava Lit

    Very helpful hearing this from someone else It re-affirms what Tim has been saying.

  2. 코스똘마니

    Thank you ~~~!!!

  3. Krogzax Ants

    Thank you for your time Steven Dux and Tim Sykes, Much appreciated. Everyday im learning more and more. I need a few more months of studying before i jump in with real money. And in the meanwhile im going to study and papertrade. And grow my savings account.

    1. mr mustang

      Just curious how you going one year later?

  4. Hamzeh Murab

    Tim you had me dead the whole video LOL

  5. Sterling Lowery

    “The difference in the results that people produce, comes down to what they’ve done differently from others in the same situation.” Tony Robbins

  6. King Cesar

    I think OWCP is heating up. short Aphria!

  7. Jefferson Sierra

    Hey Tim I was wondering what are your thoughts on the recent deregulation of wall st. It is said that will only speed up the next big economic crash. Should we be worried about this?

    1. Sanjip Singh

      Jefferson Sierra he is not an economist. He is a day trader .

    2. Jefferson Sierra

      +Sanjip Singh I know that, but shouldn’t you be aware of this stuff anyway?

    3. G SAR

      He can’t answer that.

  8. DubTenProductions

    Here is my favorite Sykes quote of all time:
    “Yea Dux made $900k in one year but you also have to keep in mind that he is completely insane”

    1. Lo Ko

      I can tell, he strongly applies pressure

    2. Stock Trader Jack

      Hahaha, sounds like a Sykes line

    3. Eduardo Flores


    4. Iván Arley Rodríguez Rubiano


    5. Zsombor Gyökös

      @Boreneo man which is it?

  9. steve rychetsky

    Loved this interview and thanks for putting it on.
    I’m starting to trade and it is tough trying to see the patterns and then try to purchase with another program. Also the time difference here on the West Coast also puts an additional burden. Stocks to Trade has crashed 3-5 minutes before the Market opened today and last Friday which FU’ed hours of planning and my plan which killed my chance to make $. Three trade rule also puts a damper on moving up fast when starting with $2,000. Need move videos on overnight trading to overcome this rule. Thanks Tim.

  10. shadfurman

    Watching this while I try and make my first trade, hovering just below the breakout…
    …anxious. Was hard not to chase a breakout this morning, kept telling myself there will be other opportunities. Would have been an ok trade, but then it dropped, now its returned, and is sitting right below today’s previous high. If it doesn’t break out, there’s tomorrow.

    Well that was pretty much a minor disaster for a first trade. 7.1% loss. I waited to make sure it broke out, soon as I bought it it dipped down quite a eats below the line for 20 mins, I panicked and sold just before it went back up to just above my buy in. Sigh. Not the worst learning experience.

    Got another week before I can trade again, more studying.

  11. Shahzain Kureishy

    i love your interviews! especially w dux!

  12. tony spilatro

    Thanks Tim, I might not be your next millionaire student, but I will be one for sure

  13. DelPasand

    Solid !
    1- Cut losses quick
    2- Don’t trade with emotion . DO not PUSH it when there is no opportunity
    3- Study hard and learn from Gurus. Excellent tips

    1. Artem SE

      there is nothing new under the sun

  14. King Delamuela

    Thank You Duxinator and Sykes for another great interview. I promise i will study everyday to be prepared for when my opportunities come.

  15. J Sz

    This video is a perfect sample that no matter how good you are, there’s always gonna be an Asian who’s better than you.

    1. Colin Maharaj

      Noooo 🙂 🙂

  16. Philip Tooley

    It’s a good thing you keep interviewing this guy, good info. ” how are you so good?” I just learned from the other guys. “Ok, we will interview again in a week.” Lol

  17. Chong Xie

    When you waiting, you need to pull up Hyperarch Fascia Training videos and be elite. 😀

  18. David Eaton

    Start my investing when I get
    Tax return but I’ve done 1 trade that was LBAI 10% in a day then I pulled out 😂

  19. David Eaton

    Make a series where you teach me 😂

  20. TJ Paymard

    Good Lesson✔︎ Y.N.M♛

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