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Day 1: $1,000 to $20,000 Challenge | Daily Recap Trading Penny Stocks


Thanks so much for the support, I 'd like to invite any person with any kind of inquiries to message me as i would certainly enjoy to be a part of your success.

If you have any type of suggestions for future video clips such as Day Trading, Spending, Realestate, Vehicle Sales, Robinhood, or fun everyday vlogs. Please allow me recognize.

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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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31 Thoughts to “Day 1: $1,000 to $20,000 Challenge | Daily Recap Trading Penny Stocks”

  1. sky 1187

    Are you on?

  2. Brutus Empire

    same thing happened to me. so i am opening a suretrader account!!

  3. Jake A

    Just want to let you know I applied to your facebook group with a relatively unused facebook account. Not spam just trying to learn about trading!

  4. jclbuxfan

    Is there an Mma fight going on in the background ?

  5. CamaroErick

    i like your videos! i started a new account with $500 about 2 months ago now im at $1300. im doing the challenge with you !!!

    1. dekasVIDS

      Im overseas btw im south america, thats why i havent been abel to use Robinhood as a trading platfrom besides only analysing

    2. Certified

      Nice! I’m a total beginner on stock trading I invested $400 for shits and giggles .. I started investing last Friday and made a bad purchase with fitbit and lost a few bucks lol … Yesterday (7/10/17) I invested $285.39 on DCTH for 2100 shares (0.1359 per stock) and another 50 shares for $6.86 (0.1371 per stock) and DXTR 400 shares for $103.88 (0.2597 per stock) ….I sold everything today (7/11/17) and made over 90$ 😀 I sold 2150 DCTH shares (0.1775 each) for a total of $381.62 and 400 DXTR shares (0.292 each) for a total of $116.80 ..

      Please share your watchlist, I want to trout stock trading and I believe your watchlist will greatly help me 😀 Plsss xD

    3. jscott76067

      Certified Noob Gamer what were you using Robin Hood?

    4. Seth Forte

      Hey, thinking about getting stated with robinhood. Have any tips to get started? I’m working on getting finances in place so I will be able to start with $500.

    5. Anthony Martinez

      WWAAAAIIIT… this works ?????

  6. Conrad Daggett

    Loving the videos man, keep up the good work. Definitely my go to right now.

  7. Adam Garza

    What is that noise in the background. sounds like you are recording in a commerical kitchen or someone is lifting weights. plates are rattling.

  8. Laurent Telmosse

    I live in Canada but robinhood hasnt come here yet.. I hope it’s coming soon

    1. Michele Macdonald

      Laurent Telmosse what do you use instead? I’m trying to start out in Canada

    2. Derp

      It’s going to australia first so not really.

  9. christian6388

    opinions on CIE?

  10. aramv

    Are you locked out of Robinhood?

  11. T.Y.G.

    wait i’m not sure what i’m watching.

  12. Tommy Hare

    >giving advice

  13. Joe19

    Great info, especially the RSI. Was wondering if there are any books for stock beginners you can recommend ?

  14. Re

    Is this PennyStock Challenge him teaching us how to use the RobinHood App?

  15. Tyler Depriest

    I need a mentor who can help me

  16. Angolz Tapz

    How can we follow you on a daily basis for trading advice

  17. A.S. Minor

    Dude, you are exactly who I’ve been looking for on YouTube. Thank you so much for providing such great information. 💙

    1. Eddie C.Silva

      you should try the learn plan profit course he offers its great! im over 70% done with the course.

    2. Francisco Jimenez

      do you actually learn? is he a good teacher? what is it like?

  18. Andrew McMichael

    Hey thanks for the heads up about robin hood 👍😁

  19. Chill-_-Tripsy

    Robinhood hasn’t aproved my account yet.I feel like im loosing lots of opportunities.

    1. Chill-_-Tripsy

      How long did it took for you guys?

    2. shorty4g63

      @Chill-_-Tripsy Took me 3 days

  20. Henri Aho

    ..Ku markalla ostaa ja kahella myy se o rosenti voitto 😉

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