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Futures and Options Virtual Trading Account – NSE Paathshaala –


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This video clip talks about an amazing effort from nseindia. Digital Trading account to try out your futures and options trading strategies as well as skills at NSE Paathshaala.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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22 Thoughts to “Futures and Options Virtual Trading Account – NSE Paathshaala –”

  1. Subair Ap


  2. Manikandan R

    glad u find it useful … 🙂

  3. Ravish Sangiah

    good work

  4. arm239

    Thanks Mani for the very useful information.
    Anantha Raman

  5. Rishi Valleti

    thank you

  6. Equity Pf

    Thank you so much for adding this video. you efforts are really appreciated . 


    I like to know two things…..
    1. whether i’ll get the same trading platform as pathsala while trading in real world as a trader?
    2. what is the functional difference between an equity relationship manager and a equity dealer?

    1. Manikandan R

      @ARNAB PAKHIRA  … 1 … yes, same as nse paathshaala …  Join us at and get free training ….2. dealer places order on your behalf … Manager is just a point of contact

  8. 23shreyas

    really helpful video…do we need to be a member of NSE India site for the login id?


    Mani thanks for this vedio, very useful.

  10. jay patel

    Hi Manikandan!
    I have almost watched all your videos as I am very much passionate about stocks and also I am very young currently doing my undergraduate course in engg. Your tricks have left a very deep impression on my mind. I already have account on zerodha but not under you. But I really want to learn more from you. can u please help me? how can I contact you?

  11. Charu Chauhan

    Sir, how to choose F&O ??? HOW we judge it will go up side…. Please advise…

  12. sactemp777

    how to save/download performance reports? cant see any “Reports” menu

  13. Swaroop Reddy

    how to place orders in carry forward. when i buy any options automatically it sold out next day. what i will do
    and also what the diff. between SL-L and SL-M. tell me plzzz


    Thanks for the informative video.

    i just wanted to know that what percentage if promoters are holding then that company is worth investing.?

    1. Manikandan R

      Try and look at our long term investment dashboard @

  15. Nikhilesh Barshikar

    Can you please place demo video on how to short sell a future contract and then again buy it for booking either profit or loss. I have done buy and sell but never tried sell and buy, hence the request.

  16. Ganesh Shinde

    When i short sell, then my order not take. What can i do????????

  17. S Kumar

    Hi Mani, it looks like NSE Paathshaala has been discontinued.. Would you please suggest any other plotform to do virtual trading on options?

  18. kundan kumar

    sir kindly make new video on MY NSE RECENTLY MODIFIED

  19. Ossama Moussa

    How effective is this method.?

  20. Ashutosh Varadpande

    Hello Mani, NSE has discontinued the Paathshaala. Can you pls suggest any other similar platform to practice ?

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