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Futures Market Explained


Farmers usage different tools to control the lots of threats in farming. Viewing the weather condition influences when they plant or harvest. Buying plant insurance coverage and also picking farm expense safeguard programs aids safeguard them from crop destruction. However they can likewise manage some of the threat posed by unpredictable market value by joining the futures market. Farmers can obtain a feeling for how that functions if they play Product Classic, an on the internet teaching device that utilizes fictitious bushels of grain in a phony futures market.

Yet here at Harvest Public Media, we wished to better comprehend just how the futures market aids both manufacturers and individuals of a major product, such as corn. And also exactly how the advantages flow down to regular food customers. Below's what we learned.

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38 Thoughts to “Futures Market Explained”

  1. CheeseMan1391

    Soo much better then I guy with a whiteboard

    1. Reziville Hulgado

      This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about “price trends” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Piyatthew Forexify Trends – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my colleague got great success with it.

    2. gwho

      uh, no?

      this video just says “contract. there for profit”

      The whiteboard video actually explains the steps and terminology.

      A good video needs to show each step when a price changes.
      And it needs to explain how a contract is sold or bought to a third party without the other end of the contract changing.

      Talking really slow, and empahsizing words like “BUY”, and “CORN” and pretty pictures don’t actually explain the underlying concept.

      The biggest confusion can be that the buying and selling of the underlying asset is separate from buying and selling the contract. And the contract has two sides, a buyer and seller of the asset.

      Also, while when a futures contract is sold, simply saying a contract is sold is incomplete. It needs to be specified whether the buying side or the selling side of the contract is sold. Both sides of the contract aren’t sold.

      If you want to learn the actual inner workings of how things work, instead of just thinking you understand something when all you know is the concept at a superficial level (and thus won’t be able to explain it properly yourself), watch the “whiteboard” video

    3. David Rich

      Or a blackboard

  2. Jackie Onate

    so easy to understand , sometime is easier to understand than a sophisticate college lecture. thank you.

  3. Jan van Dam

    Thnx for making me understand this. Great video!

  4. David Gomez

    Ok now do one with bitcoin

    1. Alexander Aquino

      Bitcoin is bullshit

    2. Lei Vongh Liu

      hahahahahhahahahhaha omg hahahahahhahahah

    3. Alessandro Totti

      Years ago I was thinking futures as one of the difficult platform in trading, not until last year i came across a method the *Blended Model* , This strategy has changed my perspective about the trading market. I’m happy because as i am reading and learning this strategy taught to me by Dmitry Vladislav, many of my entries this month have been successful. i have made thousands of euros before the end the year, which is so amazing to me

  5. President Evil

    God bless Capitalism

    1. This project has been terminated


    2. Adam Woodhams

      although the underlying mechanism encourages selfishness and greed.

    3. Otman Zayer

      @Adam Woodhams government encourage selfishness and greed. Capitalism is all about delivering what the society wants. How is capitalism selfish and greedy?

  6. arjun singh

    Well explained!! Really appreciate it, looking forward to more such videos!!

  7. Lil Anon

    This was both really adorable and incredibly helpful for helping me understand Futures.
    I thought it was to maximize profit but I now understand that is a risk management tool for both parties

  8. lu gip

    thnks! going to need this for my economy exam

  9. Néstor Abreu Jiménez

    Crooks, you’ve ruined Chicago

  10. Rick Williams

    Wrong kind of Corn for the cereal–that’s for the hogs & cattle 🙂

  11. Surbhi Handa


  12. Melvin Lee

    Love this presentation.. so tangible to see

  13. Paris Cloud

    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

    1. Rob Echols

      Paris Cloud just watched endgame

    2. YOLO

      i understood that reference

    3. Leonel Ventura

      What a bizarre concept.

  14. Vyaas Shankar

    Well explained!! 🔥🔥

  15. Takis Bakalis

    So loud this music

  16. Saint Edgey

    Incredible drawings. Idk if I know anything about future though jk great video great explanations

  17. mohit kashyap


  18. Tommi Li

    futures are standardized and exchange traded contracts, what you explained in your video is a forward contract

  19. Francisco Tamashiro

    great video, love the explanation with the drawing 😀

  20. k d

    Amazing , I should sign this contract with my gf.. She can’t leave me when my value goes down.. Amazing 😅

    1. Remzi Meriç Ceylan

      This is called marriage… If there would be no marriage, you would leave her easier when you don’t like her

    2. Gian Walton

      Remzi Meriç Ceylan 👌

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