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20 Thoughts to “How I Find The Hottest Penny Stocks Every Day”

  1. EMartinez1020

    Thanks Tim!

  2. Leo Castro

    Congrats on your scores for January!

  3. Tylwyth

    Hey Tim!
    As far as ive seen, you dont use stops.
    Have you never lost money because of lost internet connection or sth?

  4. SwSAS1786

    Do you have plans to create a mobile app? I’m always at work during market hours so I can only use my phone.

  5. TazeTGD

    Yet again Tim, pulling out all the stocks. Pardon the pun. Thanks for putting the time into these.

  6. NOTAnGryWhelp

    What do you use in place of yahoo finance now?

  7. Pedram

    Absorbing these Stuff like a sponge! Thank you !

  8. Ilija Rankovic

    hey Tim! do i have to buy stt even if i only wanna paper trade? I know it offers much kore then other softwares but they are mostly free for paper trading

  9. Johnny Day Trader

    this software is insane haha



  11. Hanna Rodriguez

    Tim I’m watching you DVD how to make millions…for after apply to you student challenge..

  12. Lambo Llama

    “I know POT.” – Timothy Bohen


  13. xavier pabon

    tim sounds little off my man just letting you know

  14. Bryce Knapp

    dang wish I could afford it i have to use the free tos which is decent but stt looks freaking awesome

  15. RICH 852

    Great lesson, Thanks Tim B.

  16. Tyler James

    when you trade with stt do you have to pay commission or anything?

  17. Fidel V.

    Awesome, look for stocks based off of hot news! Thanks!

  18. Anthony freeman


  19. Verge Cryptocurrency

    you sound like kermit the frog

  20. Steven ZJ

    im so confused about everything

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