Candlestick Charting 

How to analyse candlestick chart- 1 minute candlestick live trading 2017 part-2


This video clip will certainly clear exactly how to understand every candlestick pattern as well as story behind each candlestick pattern. Discover how to trade with finest candle holder pattern, recognize the tale of every wick, body as well as the whole candle holder. finish the video and you will really feel the distinction as well as power of candlestick analysis.

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24 Thoughts to “How to analyse candlestick chart- 1 minute candlestick live trading 2017 part-2”

  1. Carol Gordon

    These videos are the best I have ever seen. I cannot thank you enough. I am constantly waiting for the next one and I watch them over and over again, especially when I make a mistake I can look back and then I can usually find what I missed the first time. Absolutely brilliant. Please. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to each and every one. Thank you.


      +Carol Gordon keep practicing ,I will make more videos to help you to understand more clearly

  2. united medical

    some people in life leaves a positive impact and you are one of them… thanks 🙂

    1. sam sam

      TRUSTED SPOTS do u teach in free time. If yes. I want to learn the way u know about it.

  3. nehemia gabriel

    Sometimes i keep wondering if you the one that invented candlesticks in binary.. You just helpful my man and your secrets about candlesticks are so helpful in our everyday trading. . keep it up big man.. We appreciate everything you do for us👏👏

    1. Vijay Yadav


    2. Richard Lively

      Candlesticks were invented by Japanese rice traders and introduced to the west by Steve Nison.

  4. tyler melendez

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  5. Steve Austin

    This is PURE PRICE ACTION..instead of cluttering the charts with lagging indicators, not only is he explaining when to take the trades in real time but also explaining the most important thing..ENTRY REASONS and when NOT to take trades.
    Identifying major S/R levels at round figures..These are EXACTLY the levels Hedge Funds and Investment banks target during STOP HUNTS..Liquidity me guys, this guy knows what he is saying!
    This type of content is rare on youtube. This guy is awesome!

  6. Ngurah Hartawan

    Knowledge is expensive, but you give it for free, thank you brother

  7. Moghal Khaleel

    Awsome video and awsome analysis. This is my 1st like to a video in youtube channels. Keep up the good work. waiting for more good videos.

  8. Ivan Saerang

    From this video i learned that everything is important in candlestick analysis, even the smallest wick can give us many important informations. Thank you my friend.

  9. ankit patel

    Awesome candlestick video i evey watch. Every other are just talking about indicators but you are explaining the importance of candlestick analysis. Keep it up bro

  10. Mohammad Abdullah Al Moti Sharfuddin

    Thank you bro. Hopefully I’m just looking for only this video. This is really is a great analysis. And it’s my strong request to you, PLEASE make another video in this regard but in thoroughly.. Thanks once again. Waiting for your next video.. Good Luck.

  11. F R E E L I F E

    love you my Idol, keep going up <3

  12. Yie Cha

    You are the real gurus.. Good explaination, clear and accurate.. You are good man dude.. Every single video makes us trading improved.. Thank you soo much for making this channel and share you trading skills..

  13. Prabhu Jhn

    What I like the most from you is the intention to help other winning just the way you do… Appreciate it friend….

  14. Prabhu Jhn

    The best candlestick analysis I’ve ever watched in my entire life….

  15. Andy Duncan

    Let me take this opportunity and give you a special thank you my brother

  16. Lan Grazi Aguilar

    Man, your video is a hidden gem in trading. Thanks to you my trading skills increased greatly for about 70%. You deserve more subs

  17. John Philipps

    I have subscribed the moment you explained with results!. Thank you and will keep watching your videos. Just one question, are you now trading big bets because you seem to have mastered it already? Give me the answer with confidence man because I feel like i could understand your method better than anyone else. 🙂

  18. R Evans

    Best video I have seen… Never knew none of this… so much on patters, gapping , short selling , penny stocks… nothing like this on candles that I have seen! Wish I could download these 2 vids so I can watch them over and over from anywhere.

  19. May Law

    Thank you for sharing such a precious lesson! I have watched it for times and every time I learn something new. Keep it up!

  20. david singh

    Thank yooouuuu sooooo much sir
    An absolute true guidance
    Thank you so much for this video ots so helpful
    I just have 1 question though for eg
    If v find fund bullish engulfing pattern
    Its supposed to work at bottom after an downtrend
    So how i am supposed to confirm its bottom
    Could you please help me here

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