Penny Stocks 

How to find and buy penny stock with etrade


Detailed video of exactly how to search, locate and purchase penny stock with Etrade.

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39 Thoughts to “How to find and buy penny stock with etrade”

  1. roho nzuri beautiful soul

    THANKS. I learned something new today,

  2. Michael Draughon

    Wow, this was a great video, at the beginning I didnt think i was going to be able to sit through an 8 minute video, but it was good, it flowed well and you made some good points, thank you for the video.

    1. The Investor Show

      Thanks and glad you enjoyed it.

    2. Fabian

      Appreciate video content! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you researched – Rozardner Broker Teaching Reality (just google it)? It is a good one off guide for turning one thousand into two thousand five hundred dollars in a day without the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my work buddy at last got great success with it.

  3. Artis Jackson

    do you have an email to ask specific base questions

  4. Tory Davila

    thanks for the sound advice man…seems like nowadays everyone wants to charge $2000+ for a couple of tips….keep it up brother

    1. The Investor Show

      Thanks and I appreciate the support.

  5. Justin Rosado

    You might just be my first mentor. I’m going to look at more videos.

    1. The Investor Show

      awesome and glad I could help.

  6. Rand Robinson

    Thank you for the tutorial. You have a good presentation style.

    1. The Investor Show

      Awesome and thanks!

  7. TayFattz

    Thinks man this is very helpful .

    1. The Investor Show

      Taybizzness thanks and glad I could help.

  8. SupremeVision

    I subbed on the strength of this video.

    1. The Investor Show

      Mind*Is*MineTV thanks!

  9. The Wicher guy

    Nice job. You really helped clear some things up for me.

    1. The Investor Show

      The Wicher guy thanks and glad I could help

  10. Ivan lopez

    how about when selling, do they sell fast?

    1. The Investor Show

      Ivan lopez watch the “volume”. Which tells you how many times the stock has been purchased or sold. Usually they sell fast unless it’s some penny stock no one wants. Here is video on when to sell.

  11. bikergirl40

    I’ve seen several videos and this is the only one that walks you thru the actual process of finding penny stocks and trading them as well.  FANTASTIC VIDEO, I’VE DEFINITELY SUBSCRIBED AND TOLD MY SON TO CHECK YOUR VIDEO OUT AS WELL, KUDOS TO YOU!!!

    1. The Investor Show

      bikergirl40 nice and that’s great! Appreciate the support

  12. Martin Nunez

    are you making a video on marijuana stocks?

    1. The Investor Show

      stay tuned


      Right now im trading nadex 5 minute binaries. Im not familiar with etrade but i called today and gave me some info. My question to you is what are the profits from all this?,,, show a video with how much you can win off of buying a stock or selling a stock. that is what people are more intrested in. if i bought 10 shares of a stock that’s 100 bucks….can i sell those shares 10 minutes later if its in the green?..Thanks alot brother

    3. Gabos Banks

      How about you do your own basic math.

  13. eugene hicks

    Hey my name is Eugene and I just started my E*TRADE account. I needed some mentoring and I wanted to ask were you available for some mentorship?

  14. Chris Lee

    great video, thanks for the heads up I am new and going to start investing this year!

    1. The Investor Show

      Chris Lee awesome!

  15. Julian Olivares

    Hey man, anyway i can contact you privately? Im 15 and don’t have a lot of money to invest but i live the market and just opened my e trade account which is the closest thing to Cryptocurrency but ill take it

  16. Genell Green


    1. The Investor Show

      Genell Green thank you……im not smart enough to make it complex. Lol

  17. Jorge Ramirez

    so when the market is open you can see the graphs how the stock is moving on etrade to right?

    1. The Investor Show

      Jorge Ramirez yes and you can upgrade to Etrade pro to get a stream.

  18. rohail khan

    I’ve spent 30 mins watching one video and learnt absolutely nothing. Then I watched your video and learnt so much. The explanation was on point and everything in general was 💯. I appreciate bro and thank you.

    1. The Investor Show

      rohail khan oh wow thank bro.

  19. IamAprilJoi

    Very Helpful, I’m a Novice at this so Thanks for the Helpful Nuggets of Knowledge !! 😊

  20. Qtbeard

    When i attempt a purchase for a penny stock I am getting error “The Term you have specified for this order is invalid” do you know what may be causing this?

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