Candlestick Charting 

Learning to Read Candlestick Pattern Formations


Gail Mercer with breaks down one of the most typical candle holder technological analysis patterns.

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22 Thoughts to “Learning to Read Candlestick Pattern Formations”

  1. gursharan singh

    nice informa

  2. Mary Jones

    So important t stick with the webinar til finished. When exiting early if u r a newby like myself u will always miss something u didn’t stick around t find out. So exercising patience is so important.

    1. Nadex

      This is amazing advice! Hope to see you on the next webinar! Check out more scheduled live events!

  3. Sridhar Krishnan

    Superb training 👌👌👌👍👍👍

    1. Nadex

      Thank you! We can always improve. We would love your guided feedback on what we should cover next. Please email us

    2. Gail Mercer

      Thank you Sridhar! Glad you enjoyed the training.

  4. Nikola Jovanoski

    Very Important informations ,the next video should refer to haramiformations

    1. Nadex

      Thank you for the feedback! Publishing how to’s for harami formations is coming soon!

    2. Gail Mercer

      The Harami formation is almost identical to a ghost pivot high or low. In other words, your middle bar will be the high (or low) and the last bar will be an inside bar. The difference with the Harami is that it will typically gap and NOT test the close of the middle bar.

  5. Sara D.

    My God, Nicole! Get it together! So many questions on the dang candlesticks and how the highs/lows work. Thats trading 101.

  6. argos supply

    Is this tutorial for a day chart or a week chart ?

    1. Gail Mercer

      This information can be applied to any timeframe that you trade.

  7. abhijeet acharya

    Got to learn something new, thanks!

  8. Gym Guy

    Thank you 😊

  9. DunkusB3ndro

    Quick question for anyone that can help, why are all the videos I watch involving technical analysis, price action trading, and using candlesticks only ever with forex trading? Do people not use technical analysis and indicators and what not for trading regular stocks? Or is it just easier with forex?

    1. Nadex

      Yes technical analysis is used on other products besides forex however the educator presenting on this video happens to focus mostly on forex. I will request that she talks about other markets when using the candlesticks but not for regular stocks.
      Nadex is regulated by the CFTC not the SEC.

  10. Kaz Aria

    Tankyouforthis webinar 🙂 very helpfull !

  11. N

    I wonder would some ppl have done at least some form of DD before watching this webinar? Asking basic question on structure of candles is a lot of time wasted imo. My understanding was it was supposed to be a candlestick pattern formations/patterns video, not an introduction to the candlesticks for newbies. Generally, a good video with good examples, if only to take that noice out…

  12. Le Blanc Cantona

    How do I sell or buy on a candle stick?

    1. Gail Mercer

      Candlesticks are typically used to confirm an entry for a long or short position.

  13. Erik Jon

    Excellent overview.. Well Explained! The way you took the time to answer the basic questions was very helpful. Yes or No Binary question based on Time Frame is brilliant. Thank you! 🙂

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