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30 Thoughts to “Lessons From A $10+ Million Penny Stock Trader”

  1. Deep

    Honestly why waste your time in college when you can just follow Tim’s teachings and win big! Disclaimer: comment only for me because I don’t know what career I want to pursue

    1. Roland Parks

      If they knew how they lost it, they would have not lost it, right?  Pobably not understanding the instructions, rushing the learning process, forcing trades, rooky mistakes, who knows.  Remember that for the 10% to make it big, 90% have to leave their money on the table.  Tim Sykes does what he does and he is good at it, but he or any other “guru” are not for everybody.  

    2. James Kolesnikovich

      @Leggo My Ego Yes, I have been a “warning” to you.

    3. Ricardo Gonzalez

      u have a brother named darsh? in Florida? Sshs

    4. keokio7

      +Deep Patel i used to think just like you and never went to college. Going to college just because ppl tell you you should was a stupid reason to go. Going to college to make more money and get a better job was an even more stupid reason to go. If you want to make money you have to work for yourself. Having said that, at 34 years old I regret never getting a degree and getting an education. I’m going to school and trade currently, and if I ever make it big, I will continue to go to school and continue to educate myself… took me a lot of heartache to figure this out but life is so much more than just having a fat bank account

    5. MLG420McSwaggerton

      well, ur right but tim still wants 4k for all of his dvds and thats not even an absolute guarantee of making money back

  2. Girolamo Aloe

    From one of your Convention that is also a DVD 🙂

  3. Mari Pili Garcia

    Great video !! manyy valuable lessons!! thanks tim!

  4. God Save The Stream

    thank you so much for this. I enjoyed his previous interview, so this is a real treat.

  5. Kris Danielson

    Lx21 seems pretty cool

    1. Sara

      @Kris Danielson I agree

  6. Wayne Stone

    When was this video made?

  7. Sebastien Montibeller

    Great talk !

  8. Penny Stocks

    To be 100% honest I didn’t think I would learn anything from this video. Ive watched the whole video and have learned a lot. This 1 Hour video is a lifetime of learning. Thanks Tim and Gregg S

  9. Carlos Arenas

    I love Tim! He cranks me up haha

  10. Nimrod Vizi

    I like the closing tought .. follow the 10% and you have 100% chance to succeed. That gave me a huge boost.



  12. Himanshu Jagtap

    Gregg , extra ordinary presentation Thanks 🙂

  13. MrJattsoorma1

    I think it would be interesting to hear from the average group of traders who follow Tim and how much they make instead of the couple outliers who make millions.

    1. AldosWorld TV

      @MrJattsoorma1 “Strategy doesn’t determine definite results; the trader himself is a variable”

    2. reaperschild123

      Average trader doesn’t listen to what tim says and loses lol

    3. Robin Raidon Pettersson

      @MrJattsoorma1 Well if you even did check out Tims page you would see 100s, maybe even 1000s random people banking, i am one of them even if im new

    4. Maijimbo

      +MrJattsoorma1 many make money if u seen his chat not all are millionaires but there accounts r growing

  14. Alex Caceres Perez

    Thanks for this Tim 🙂

  15. Winson Hau

    amazing vid i can’t believe this is just free information, you’re the best tim and this only makes me want to improve my trading skills

  16. Greg London

    Awesome video, great trading advice…

  17. Misc. Educational and Documentaries

    Wow, that was really good. Thanks for posting the video, Tim! 🙂

  18. Michael Nguyen

    That was (by far) the most useful penny stock trading video, ever. Great breakdown on trading psychology. Cheers for uploading.

  19. greg keen

    Powerful stuff!

  20. TJ Paymard

    Good Lesson✔︎ Y.N.M♛

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