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My Penny Stocks Conference at MIT


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29 Thoughts to “My Penny Stocks Conference at MIT”

  1. micheal jones

    Great video.. The knowledge is always greatly appreciated by the people who are serious about trading ! thanks again dux

  2. KillaKam922

    Thanks for sharing the goods. You did great man!

  3. Fish Lim

    Thanks Dux for the video. It was great learning from you, your speech was clear and straight to the point for beginners like myself. Keep it up! 🙂

  4. Steven Dux

    I will never ask for your financial information, I don’t manage accounts. If there’s anyone trying to pretend they are me, please report. The only official site is
    Please be careful and don’t get scammed. AGAIN, I DO NOT manage ANY type of account and I would NOT ask for any type of investment funds.

    1. Shlok Music

      @OsaIa K in his videos he uses stocks to trade and on his interview with Tim Sykes he said he only uses stockstotrade

    2. OrganicDepot

      @Shlok Music drives me nuts cause u.s has all the good trading platforms. canada has the worst platforms for trading ugh. + prices suck on commission.

    3. D D

      Steven Dux ya I got email that says send us $5k and I will trade for you and u will get $5k a week . Thank you for let us know

    4. Belinda Trimarchi

      @OrganicDepot I use Fidelity for my Canadian stocks, they even have an international person to help you for $4.99.

  5. Ricky Ricardo

    hey Steven how did you increase your share size when you first started?

  6. PDUBS32

    “Avoid stocks under 2 million float.” Now I know what stocks to go long on.

    1. Bob

      under 2m float stocks are the big big winners though lol

    2. Private Number

      @Bob According to Dux, under 2M floats a long trade xD

    3. Robert Matyus

      Do not try to short…to risky

    4. Daniel G.

      @Bob Yeah but for Dux strategy is not, which his primary strategy is to short the stock. For us bullish going long/scalp traders, we want the float to be low enough to inflate the price via low supply and HOPEFULLY high demand.

  7. TJ

    This guy is the real deal, I spoke with him at a conference and he was more than happy to share his insight and shed some light on his trades. He finds his edge in hardcore stats and it’s remarkable. Don’t gamble, play the odds if they’re in your favor. Well done Dux, you da man.

    1. OsaIa K

      does he use a source for his statistics or is it all based on his own spreadsheets he recorded?

  8. sd win

    Thank you very much Steven, for this very useful video.

  9. Kevin Calderon

    Steven Dux is probably studying right now…

    On his $5,000 desk🤑

  10. Carla V V

    Confident +
    OverConfident –
    Risk management (cut looses) it’s the key

  11. Paul Awad

    they were to busy studying calculus and how to solve for x. finally they get knowledge that they need.

  12. Malcolm Murray

    Hi Steven, this was the first presentation of yours I’ve ever watched and I’m impressed. Thank you very much for your effort putting it together and I plan to watch more of yours in the future. I’m planning to trade penny stocks as my next career and I’m just in the preparation stages. I appreciate your being so successful at it and look forward to learning more from you. Thanks again!

  13. jack scenic

    That’s a ton of very valuable information based on experience. Thank You Dux.

  14. Private Number

    When your up dont let it get to your head, when your down dont let it get to your heart. That little saying helped me with ‘overconfidence’ when trading. 😉

  15. Brehon Mills -The Stock Investor

    I love when people like him explain things.. He doesn’t sound these other guys.. The other guys sound completely like scam artist…

  16. Boreneo man

    Remember lads, focus on 1 pattern and one pattern only.. then you branch out..

  17. Jorge Burrito

    every time I watch your videos in the ending music I think I’m inside a fancy store lol

  18. Friedrich. Nietzsche

    This is by far the best YouTuber for trading that exists

  19. ecstaticTurtle

    I just realized that all I’ve ever been doing in stocks was just gambling

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