Penny Stocks 

Penny Stock Investing is a Scam


Learn To Come To Be A Daytrader Now-.

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Cent Supply Scams.
Penny Supply Spending Scams.
Scamming Dime Supplies.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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29 Thoughts to “Penny Stock Investing is a Scam”

  1. Mrfantstic D.W.

    I can tell when a brother is keeping it 100 and I believe you man… im just waiting for my tax money so I can start penny stocking… and stack this money.. I don’t have to make millions over night.. I know it doesn’t work like that… but I do know its money out here to be made and ppl are doing it everyday and im ready to get in..

    1. jarrod barkley

      +Mrfantstic D.W.  brother is making a commission off you bro

  2. CollegeTalkTV

    Been stock trading for 3 months made about 3 grand off of 4 grand. The Stock market is a scam for people who want short cuts and choose not to do research.

    1. CollegeTalkTV

      Yeah I try to stay away from pink sheets.  But I’ve learned a lot so far. Thanks for the advice.

    2. Dan Gray

      your an idiot.there is nothing to learn in the otc market.It is basically hyping up a stock by press realeases or chatrooms etc.a stock your in or going to be in first so the other people who you convinse to invest propel you forward while they get left holding the bag! 

    3. MarinRayado

      You obviously haven’t heard of Timothy Sykes

    4. The Douche Of Knowledge

      The best way to invest into stocks is to do it by a company that is got its own success.

      Penny stocks are straight up scams….throw the money in and right st the max point when everyone has invested just before they sell out the price comes crashing down and people lose their profits
      It’s easy to manipulate people

      I trade my stocks through online companies I work for and have my money sent to my online bank

      Problem solved.

  3. Jonathan Perez

    Nope not a scam, I’m up almost $15 thousand off a $1400 investment. 🙂


    This video is simply beautiful – this young Brother is simply Beautiful. If more of us thought like this instead of trying to become a rap artists or carry a football, we would finally get through the front door of Wall Street. Thank you young man!!!

    1. Niners4Lyphe

      That’s what I always say.  Not that I’m hating on the dreams of those who want to take that path, but the black community needs more options.  Unfortunately, since most blacks don’t have doctors, lawyers, dentists, investment bankers, dotcom entrepreneurs, etc in the family to look up to (like Asians and Jews), most only see entertainment or sports as a way to be successful.

    2. Venom's Pain

      @Niners4Lyphe the black community been had options yall mfs be sleepin but yall woke

  5. Dwayne Hibbert

    One of the best advice I’ve see on youtube, thanks a lot.

  6. bmm725

    This is a great video! So many people need to hear this message. Keep up the good work.

  7. Jay Sulz

    Omg really great so proud of you
    Teach how to do that 🙂

  8. Lawrence Jones

    Where is a good site to practice day training?


      +Lawrence Jones damn sry Im

  9. Percy Sherrod

    “this is not a scam..YOUR 9 TO 5 IS A SCAM”….damn sal…you hit the nail on the head with THAT statement!!!  damn !!!!!……

  10. Heaven& Earth

    God Bless you Brotha you and all your success! My thing is I would really like to learn hand on. That is just how I learn.

  11. windie Derival(Nounou)

    glad I found your video. I just need to know where to sign up for penny stocks, how to pay and to cash out. I believe in personal business. I try international shipping, but I need something THAT could give me more.

  12. Carlos Bejarano

    Dang! I am going all in for this. I want to do this!!!

  13. ZombieCafeRS

    This is the second video I’ve watched on your channel and I’m only 3 minutes into this video and I hit that subscribe button. Mad respect man, can’t wait for future uploads. Knowledge is power

  14. Hokus Pokus

    “you working for someone dreams ”
    damn it’s soo true ;(


    I remember seeing this video about one year ago and its crazy to think this video motivated me so much to go hard in the stock market.Loving you live streams keep them coming bro God bless.

  16. James Crock

    your an earthy person, I like you

  17. gomenaros

    2:57 30 days * 5 hours a day gives us 180 hours according to this PhD Candidate.

  18. Lions Lambano

    Thanks for the encouragement man!

  19. Jeremy B

    I see the “W” on your hat! 👍🏿

  20. Snap Mobile Detailing

    We got to talk Bro!!!! I will give you my email after you respond.

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