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The Best Way to Trade Futures for Beginners


Day Trading does not need to be hard or complicated as JP from daytradetowin assesses just how beginner traders learn cost action through this online recorded webinar. Futures and also assets
forcasts are disclosed utilizing rate activity.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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25 Thoughts to “The Best Way to Trade Futures for Beginners”

  1. David Wilson

    where are the videos for beginners?

  2. BillG37

    I’ve been studying corn futures for the past couple of weeks, and I’ve found that when the market makes a significant jump in the hours leading to the day session, it usually corrects shortly after the 10:30 EST open. In my practice account, I have made some money doing the opposite of the 8:30-10:30 jump. I normally wait a few minutes before getting in, and then I enjoy the ride.

  3. Day Trade to Win

    Ninja Trader works very well, and the data is clean. Download the getting started guide to get free access to ninja trader charting platform.

  4. Matt Martin

    damnit…I wanted to see it hit those three points…lol

  5. richie m

    Love it……iam a successful trader in the market…………………..

  6. WorldRichestWomanCOM


  7. Jason Freeman

    Are you still doing the live classes?

  8. Mike Strako

    Are you still trading? Let me know..

    1. Day Trade to Win

      +Mike Strako – Yes, the last class held was full but the next one is scheduled for December 17th.
      you can visit for more info if you would like to join.


    do the nasdaq 100 emini’s futures move exactly like the nasdaq 100 index? or are they calculated based on supply and demand? the march contract seems to move nearly identical to the stock index.

  10. Mel McCal

    How do I get started trading in futures?

  11. Joshua Bentley

    Hey….what are the best platforms for Futures trading in Australia?

  12. agauerm

    Hi! Thanks for the video. I’m starting to learn about futures. I already trade Forex and I’m satisfied with my trading. What I’m finding a bit difficult to understand in futures contracts is how do I backtest the contracts that expire monthly, for example? I know I can’t trust a continous chart to do it because it’s an artificial build, right? This is more common in the mini contracts, right? The full contracts are easier to backtest and do technical analysis because they are just one contract, one chart, so I can go back in time let’s say, 3, 4 years and do some technical analysis to determine some critical support and resistance areas. How do futures traders make this analysis with mini contracts that expires every month? Do I have to open a lot of individual charts and write down the most busy S/R areas and then apply it to the most recent chart (contract)? OR can I use the main full contract chart? Will the main full contract chart have the same areas of S/R? This is what I wanna understand so I Can apply my Forex trading skills to the futures. Forex is easy I just need to choose a pair and voilla, I have 20 years of data in the same chart with critical price areas that I can trust. I believe that it’s impossible to have a trend following system in mini futures because I need to get rid of my position in 1 month…

  13. pknightrider

    Hi, I’m starting to learn futures and just have a question, why not trade the breakout of the 1336 level all the way to 1339?

  14. Derek White

    so the best way to trade is to buy the ATLAS Line?

  15. Jeff Bernstein

    explain the atlas line please..jeff

  16. Mr Faceless

    is this Tom Cruise?

  17. Anthony Salters

    What is the ATLAS line?

    1. Day Trade to Win

      It’s the softare we provide that gives automated trading signals

  18. Wax Clin

    so hard to understand,but love your video

  19. Jason Wong

    Can you please explain how you use ATR as your cut-loss and trailing stop? What multiple do you use? Thanks

  20. Andy Power

    thanks man, you say it right: Trading is simple.
    If you are patient.

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