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24 Thoughts to “25 Multibaggers Penny Stocks for 2020…”

  1. Basant Kumar Vellaturi

    OK give list of stocks in description section.

  2. Anwita Rajesh


  3. Crazy TechWorld

    Please try to increase your voice quality and sound

    1. Crazy TechWorld

      I appreciate him. I really like the way he’s helping people. Sorry, If I demanded something unusual. Thank you Suryaditya.

  4. Basant Kumar Vellaturi

    pl give list of companies in the description section..

  5. prof Suryaditya Saha

    based on fundamental ratios and equity research valuation..

  6. Shair Syed

    hello sir very nice i like to speak you if you permit me thank you

  7. Aimim AIMIM

    hi ‘
    sir i like ur research,i am sorry stock names r not clear

    1. Venkat Ram Taddi

      Please look at my above comment. I gave the list of 24 stocks.

    2. Aimim AIMIM

      I made my own research on ur stock may be they are good but not fudamentally coz thier debt increase in 3year before thier debt was less but in last 3 years it increase and asset quality also not much good

    3. Babubha Gohil

      Aimim AIMIM

  8. Amit Garg

    very good research sir I had also made some research many of them in your tip.thank you sir. kindly write your email address

  9. RK 'y

    hi sir ji, would u be kind enough to tell me is there any profitable chance to hindustan motor, Unitech and zylog system??

  10. Wrik Barman



    @ prof Suryaditya Saha , does your research includes credibility of company’s management ?
    Because if the management is not true, then there is big chance that the fundamentals will surely go wrong.

    What your view on this ?

  12. Vinod Kumar

    About idfc tell on 3year

  13. Sky Sharma

    Goldstone infra tech from 83 to 229 now….

  14. Market Mastermind

    Even we have given some penny shares with good fundamentals. This is good video. Good work bro.


    Hi Everybody, I follow regularly his predictions and recommendations. If his ideas are implemented after some home work, it could bring profits. do a study on 52 weeks chart. go thru information on the company, its board of directors, no of years of it’s existence, services or manufacturing products in the industry and buy the shares when it goes down. That would be the wise thing to do to reap profits. Don’t blindly follow his predictions and blame him. He has done his part of the research and he offers us free counceling. That should be appriciated. As an investor, we should do our part of study on the share before investiing.

  16. Yogesh Gunjal

    Some companies he is suggesting are really good on fundamental but still do your own research before investing your hard earned money & don’t forget not all penny stocks are multibaggers.

  17. MithunMohantablg

    thank u sir

  18. Dnyanesh Khairnar

    Dada pls put the date and time in your discretion

  19. Hardik Mahajan

    Indiabulls Venture from 64 to 440

  20. Kamal Doshi

    dada Time frame

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