Candlestick Charting 

Complete Candlestick(Telugu)Trading Course | Technical Analysis


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22 Thoughts to “Complete Candlestick(Telugu)Trading Course | Technical Analysis”

  1. Shiva Sai


    1. DAY TRADER ఀెలుగు


  2. teja sankham

    Excellent sir…candles formationslo intha baground undani Mee Valle thelusukunna..Thank you sir.πŸ™‚

    1. DAY TRADER ఀెలుగు


  3. Satya Valle Satya

    Good explain Sir

  4. ashok siri

    Thank you anna

  5. DAY TRADER ఀెలుగు

    PART-2 Complete Candlestick(Telugu)Trading ,
    upstox (FREE)
    ( Use coupon DAY200 for 200rs free brokerage)


    *Thanks a lot*

  7. Ganapathi V

    best telugu channel..for new trading learners….thank you..sir….

  8. Santharam Kamle

    Thank you for imparting trading knowledge in our own language.

  9. jayachandram raju

    Thank you very much bro.
    Meru chala Baga ardam aiala chepparuπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  10. rajesh chaduvula

    Thank you sir

  11. Markonda Pradeep

    This is one of the best video I have ever seen about candlesticks..keep it up bro πŸ‘πŸ»

  12. Arun Prasad

    Thanks for your good analysis with high patience πŸ™

  13. satya sudheer

    Sir super explanation

  14. Ramaditya KR

    Nicely explainedβœ”οΈπŸŒΉ

  15. kotesh


  16. Chandini

    Excellent explanation

  17. madda hemanth raju

    Great analysis brooo….tq u so much

  18. Sudheer Naiduvari

    Sir, Mimmalni Mechukokunda Vundalekapothunna, Serious Mi Explanation Simply Superb, Miru Great.

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