Candlestick Charting 

Counting Candlesticks for Reversals


A video tutorial made to show you exactly how to trade and also identify profession opportunities on Candle holder graphes.
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10 Thoughts to “Counting Candlesticks for Reversals”

  1. MrPlutity

    The opening statement was so cheesy, but thanks for the info…

    You forgot to mention what type of indicater can be used to confirm that a change in trend will most likely occur 🙂

  2. Dinesh Adwani

    yes sir. you must had traded the penny stocks carefully which is the best way to make profit. i am telling you, One of my friend making tons of money from penny stocks with professional easy guidance. i found it here >>

  3. Joanna Brown

    It’s lame, I agree. Takes away credibility.

  4. Batchimeg Damdindorj

    if only trading was this simple. I mean seriously please! you almost made it look like its gambling 

    1. BornToDoIt

      Batchimeg Damdindorj There is no quantitative technical analysis to say “when you get an extended run of single candles expect a reversal soon”…there are many examples where this is not true. Your better off looking a a macd crossover strategy when you see a run of candles to look for reversal. Personally price Action is the best across MTF analysis. This guy sounds soft / reading from a script with no actual trading experience. Ignore this advice!

  5. Michael Brennan

    Its not smart to buy the reversal bar… What if its a pullback in a strong trend? I would be waiting for a bar one tick below that for the short…

  6. Andriji Nevidomyji

    Привет,помоги мне зарабатывать на бирже пожалуйста.

  7. senbonito

    too lazy add… wow

  8. Guillaume Chevalier

    I received a confirmation yesterday from a # Dmitryvladislav consultant who offered me to start learning trading. I do not have much experience because I have only worked on fictitious platforms but I wanted to start the real thing so I opened an account. Reading some comments on several forums I’ve seen that they are generally positive but I do not know to believe them or not. I was attracted by their conditions but it did cross my mind to get informed before opening the account. Is there anyone who can tell me if (vladislav @optionstrade .cc) is a reliable trader?

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