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Fundamentals of Price Action Trading for Forex, Stocks, Options and Futures


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24 Thoughts to “Fundamentals of Price Action Trading for Forex, Stocks, Options and Futures”

  1. GamerDadLuke GDL

    You are a real diamond in the rough. Glad I found you this evening.

    1. basecamptrading

      I am glad you enjoyed the webinar Luke! Price action is the foundation that I build all my trading on.

  2. Music Videos

    Thanks for posting ! Nice video, very well and patiently explained. Filled a lot of gaps for me ! Sure I’m gonna face the market stronger next morning. Cheers from France.

    1. basecamptrading

      Hey Music Videos, I am glad to hear it helped you out with your trading! Have you tried joining the trial membership at Base Camp Trading? It is only $7 for your first month, here is a signup link:

    2. TheSICKandTheCRAZY

      hey! i love this video myself and i am ready to get the memebrship..however, i am hearing imapired and only way to see the video above was using “CC” will there be subtitles or option ot “auto CC” in your paid courses?

  3. Juan Díaz

    You should really have more subscribers!! Your videos are awsome!

  4. Sanjib Dhar

    u r great sir….your all vidio r very knowlwdgable for us….can u please make a vidio on candle stick price action with future movement candle……?

  5. Eric Ballegu

    wow, this is some really great stuff man, thanks a lot

  6. ValenTINA

    Thank you for such a useful info! But I have a question about the targets. Where are your targets?

  7. chirayu patel

    great sir, very good learning today for me…

  8. Oktobre67

    Ive been in an online school for almost 3 months struggling where to get in and out of a trade. You’ve taught me in an hour how to do it right. I’m thinking I’m thinking I’m in the wrong situation. Thank you!


    Your videos are Bible for traders.

    And I just love your teaching style sir.

    #love from India.


    Lot of value thanks Dude 🙏🙏👌🙏

  11. Rick P

    Thanx for a whole lotta knowledge here!

  12. Clinton Dosio

    At 26:36 how do you keep from getting stopped out, if the stock breaks out then drops with a long wick?

  13. Ashar Zam

    What 500 tick timeframe means ,, I know daily ,5 min or weekly timeframe but never heard 500 tick timeframe .

  14. skyh2k

    Great Video, Losing $$$. I might have to try the $7 a month thing.

  15. The Evolutionist

    Lol I’m here after the Bitcoin crash so that equity curve kinda resembles me in that sense.

  16. Jovian Mahon

    Honestly learned so much in a few minutes than other videos that are over an hour long

  17. aaa2782

    Would you use candlestick reversals as your reversal points ?or do you recommend line charts

  18. RocknRollDina

    Thank you

  19. Karen Jones Selman

    Very informative. Thanks so much!

    1. basecamptrading

      No problem!

  20. sajjid imran

    Go-to 16:00

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