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27 Thoughts to “Futures Trading Basics – Indian Stock Market –”

  1. C Tamilselvi

    Thank you for your effort to bring this nice video. Really useful for me.
    As you said – “in Future you can sell a lot without having it”—- Could you please explain may be by quoting some examples (as u described nicely HCLTECH future)

  2. avinmacha

    Great upload, thnx!

  3. 1700yash

    well explained, thnx!

  4. Ravindra Kamath

    thnq good video is there any of fibonacci calculation

    1. Manikandan R

      Yes … there is … Watch Fibonacci Series, Sequence, Ratios Trading Strategy –

  5. Mangesh Joshi

    Great Video.  Perfect way of explaining!!   (Y)

  6. Pravin Jadhav

    Hi. Thank you for posting this video.
    I want to know the movement of account when the account balance goes below maintenance margine.
    Thamk you. 

    1. Manikandan R

      @mailmepravinjadhav  … Brokers like ICICI will auto square off and wipe off account … anything and everything ….  Brokers like Zerodha will give you time to bring in money or square off yourself …  Having said that, you need to cash budget and trades properly …  If you are getting into such situations, it means you are a poor planner and will struggle with trades

  7. Digital Vishu

    hi Mani sir,
    nicely explained videos thank u sir. i am beginner to F&O
    so my 2 doubt please help me out  sir  For example,
    1) i buy 1 lot of HCL is 500 shares @ 630 and after two days its around 650 can i book profit or i should hold it till the expiry date??
    2)  For example, 1 lot of HCL is 500 shares @630 but after two days the stock hit 620 and it is not moving up or going down for next couple of days and finally on expiry day it is back at 630 how much is the loss ??
    thank you sir

    1. Manikandan R

      @vishwanath patil  …. 1 ) you can book profit or losses anytime you wish …. 2) no loss … no gain … since you buy and sell at same rate ….Read my Book in PDF format for free at  … Will help you pick strong stocks to invest / trade

    2. Digital Vishu

      @Manikandan R thank u sir

  8. Nikhil Uthale

    Great video Mani, could you also do a video for a short position. It will clear a lot of doubts. Thanks

    1. Manikandan R

      @Nikhil Uthale … will keep that on my list 🙂

  9. samacumen

    I am an experience futures trader. But I liked you simple explanation. Thanks!

  10. Bala Subramanyam

    what is the rollover cost after each many times i can roll over a futures contract?

  11. CD Pandey

    Dear Mani. I want to know how switching for the next month contact is done. please

  12. umang rastogi

    suppose I sell my future contract on 21 jan  so how much cash will be transferred into my account.

  13. GreatGun Hater

    thanks a lot to uploader for his hard work … cleared a lot of doubts

  14. Suhas Shejal

    can we sell futures lot before expiry or have to hold till that?


    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your clear cut information in the videos. I am one of the subscriber. Today I have downloaded from one site the LIST OF F& O STOCKS. In that dates are shown as 16th oct, 16 november, & 16th Dec . What does this means-As per your information the Expiry date shall be LAST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH. Kindly clarify

    1. Manikandan R

      Bank nifty alone has weekly expiries now …

  16. bala r

    hi, Is it possible to exit from the contract before the expire date?

  17. Nitesh Singh

    Thanks nicely explained but i would like to know how can i hold the share for more then 3 months? Suppose i bought 500 lot ABC shares i want to hold these share for next 3 more months?

  18. Thiyagarajan G

    Thanks for uploading this video.i better understanding after watching this video

  19. sainath kondbhar

    hello sir,
    if market (cmp) is going down, then should i choose sell? and when going up i need to choose buy, is it right? please tell me i am very new….

  20. prasad prasad

    show how to put orders in live futures market .thaanque

    1. Manikandan R

      Zerodha has demo videos of their platform …. go through them and practice order placement with small Qty orders

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