Penny Stocks 

How to find and buy penny stock w/ TD Ameritrade (3 min)


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Detailed of exactly how to discover as well as get dime supplies with td TD ameritrade

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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42 Thoughts to “How to find and buy penny stock w/ TD Ameritrade (3 min)”

  1. Rosie -

    So glad I found your channel! Simple and to the point

    1. The Investor Show

      Rosie OMG awesome. ” I don’t have a lot of time so I definitely know you don’t have a lot of time”.

  2. Miguel Lopez de Legazpi

    Thanx for sharing Prince…

    1. The Investor Show

      Miguel Lopez de Legazpi anytime

  3. First Planet Records

    Great video! Thanks!

    1. The Investor Show

      First Planet Records thanks.

    2. The Investor Show

      Ted Walsh nah. Not at this time.

  4. forgiven 11

    Thank you, easy peasy.

    1. The Investor Show

      forgiven 11 thank you!

  5. Matthew Lee

    Thank you! Straight forward. I’m a newbie, so this was very helpful for me.

    1. The Investor Show

      Matthew Lee cool glad I can help.

  6. quinc g

    can i do penny stock with 100 dollars starting out in my TD ameritrade account?

  7. David Beaulieu

    Hey, I am new to trading and TD, Question on tear level 1-3 another thoughts?

    1. The Investor Show

      David Beaulieu as far as option trading?

    2. David Beaulieu

      I think it had to do with margin lending vs. straight cash or both types of accounts. I optioned for straight cash for now, can change in the future if I like. New to this so thank you.

    3. The Investor Show

      David Beaulieu ok no problem and you can always change it.

    4. Ahmed Manway

      @ David Beaulieu, how did it go? I am new as well.

    5. Ahmed Manway

      David Beaulieu , how did go? I am new as well.

  8. T Junior

    This was VERY helpful thank you! I don’t think this is limited to penny stocks right? I mean if I wanted to I could set the criteria for big players in let’s say the renewable energy or healthcare sectors correct?

    1. The Investor Show

      T Junior yes you sure can and thank you

  9. Fomosapien

    Subscribed! I’ve watched and liked a few of your videos now. Thanks for your help my dude!

  10. Brian

    Thank you for the video it was short and to the point I will definately look threw some of your other video”s

  11. D P.

    excellent video bro keep them coming!

    1. The Investor Show

      Dale P. Thanks

  12. TheFashionmissy

    the last step confused me. You didnt explain the whole 1.00 thing meant. You bought one stock for $5, so why is there a cap for $1

    1. Keaqa n

      This step confused me too, which is why im down in the comment section. Does anyone have an answer? I haven’t looked at other comments yet, so im going to do that now.

    2. Alicia Price

      @Keaqa n I think he just typed in a random number.

    3. PearsAreOkay

      Yeah, it doesn’t make too much sense. My interpretation is that he ordered the online brokerage (TDAmeritrade) to purchase 1 stock of this $5 company, when the stock prices dips to the $1 price. I am assuming this would make sense if he is trying to make money off the volatility of the market (the company’s value drops until it reaches that $1 mark, he then owns that stock (because TD says, okay, time to buy, according to the order), and he is then free to sell it at a higher price if the company recovers). But, the instructions that he set up for his order are confusing because he isn’t purchasing and owning that stock outright once he reviews and submits his order. Am I getting that right, so far? 🙂

  13. CJ Jones

    Can you buy stocks like ACBFF ? Marijuana stock based in Canada

    1. The Investor Show

      CJ Jones if it is listed yes.

    2. XeDragHD

      I own some stocks of ACBFF so yes.

  14. Steven Rogge

    Good Info. Thanks…

    1. The Investor Show

      Steven Rogge anytime

  15. coolfoxman101

    how good is this? is it better then a part time job?

    1. The Investor Show

      coolfoxman101 95% of Ppl lose at it. I was one so I leave it along but I do know a few ppl that are good at it.

  16. Joe

    This guy never has a lot of time. He’s too busy making money. Get the hint?

    1. The Investor Show

      Joe lol hilarious!

  17. howard thomasbey

    Why is ss# required?

    1. The Investor Show

      howard thomasbey taxes

  18. LOKHighest

    How do you determine the best penny stock to buy??? New Subscriber!!!

  19. blackandlovely87

    Thank you!!!! First time learning about stocks and you made it clear for me.

  20. James Jeremy Scher


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