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13 Thoughts to “How to Read Candlestick Charts”

  1. Perfect Stock Alert

    @SnailChamp You are welcome.

  2. kevin warren

    @PSAadmin What if there is a long wick and a medium size body what will the wick tell you? What does the wick tell you?

  3. Perfect Stock Alert

    @virginiatechfanx Would depend on the situation (overall position within the trend) also the size of the wick and the size of the candlestick.

  4. kevin warren

    The price listed for a stock lets say coke is trading at $10 per share thats the last price it was sold at right?

  5. Perfect Stock Alert

    Right, the last trade.

  6. YMM CAM

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  7. OfficiallyFd

    Thank you!

  8. BluntMane

    580% LOL, Mitt Romney doesn’t make that much money on his Capital Gains lls

  9. James

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  10. sandman3698

    “advices”? arnold? is that you?

  11. Nasty FingurZ

    Thanks for the upload it pretty easy to understand this i was kind of confused.But u broke it down much appreciated thank very much.

  12. RevivalStory Josh

    oh brother where art thou

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