Penny Stocks 

How To Research A Hot Penny Stock & Plan Your Trade


Extremely valuable video to have a plan BEFORE you risk your hard generated income & today I'm completing my guide to making money on Instagram so I'm sorry, no time at all for any kind of Q&An e-mails … yet you'll thank me after you see these extremely beneficial guides to Instagram!

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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13 Thoughts to “How To Research A Hot Penny Stock & Plan Your Trade”

  1. SuWoopSparrow

    Thanks Tim. I lost a little bit on this one buying around 2 so its nice to see a review.

  2. ヒラギ

    hey tim, I’m having all kinds of trouble trying to find a broker that accepts italy as residence country, do you know any that accepts people who live in italy?

  3. Tyler Winters

    Thank you Tim I’m pretty confident I can become a millionaire like you with all your help

    1. Tyler Winters

      +Timothy Sykes Tim I got a question how much money do you usually put in to a stock

    2. Maijimbo

      @Ray Spahn How to make millions 

    3. Ray Spahn

      @joe YouIb Alright thanks what else should i study

  4. Christopher Privitera

    Hey tim i am a bit confused as to what trading style i want to do, because my father made 70+ million off of buy and hold, but i think that, buy and hold takes to long and i want something that is active and i can monitor it. So is it possible if i can do both pennystocks and buy and hold at the same time by splitting my portfolio into different stocks?

    i will appreciate if you can get back to me. thx

    1. Christopher Privitera

      +Timothy Sykes thats exactly what my father said… damn 0.o

  5. Ebony J

    What stock tracker do you use, or recommend?

  6. morelli tech

    I really miss trading.

  7. Doiucbklse

    Hey Tim. I’m a huge fan of you and your work. I’ve yet to actually get involved myself but I watch your videos all the time and know you preach good knowledge. I’m hoping to take the step soon and start trading.
    What broker do you recommend I use for penny stocks if im from the UK? also what is the software you’re using in your videos for the trading information. Thanks a lot!

  8. nysilliest

    What charting software is this?



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