Candlestick Charting 

Introduction to Candlesticks Charting Free Video Tutorial


Excellent free video clip tutorial intro to Candle holder Charting methods. See exactly how investors can use candlestick line of gabs to find acquiring as well as offering opportunities. Plus, see just how line of gabs such as bullish hammer, bearish capturing celebrity, bearish engulfing, favorable engulfing, and also Doji's can pinpoint early fad reversals.Use candlestick charts to trade stocks, bonds, futures, assets, ETF's, alternatives, and even shared funds.

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20 Thoughts to “Introduction to Candlesticks Charting Free Video Tutorial”

  1. fabsthevamp

    Where can i find candlestick charts live by the hour?

  2. DimSum

    very clear, thanks!

  3. Broken Pie Chart

    most trading platforms which have charts have the ability to choose the charting “time period”. So where the default might be daily, you would choose hourly. When you are using daily charts, each candle represents 1 days price history. Hourly charts mean that each candle or bar would represent the price history for that hour only.

  4. Broken Pie Chart

    thank you very much for the nice comment. Good luck!

  5. DixxieDuck

    So, this is the best video I saw so far. Thank you man.

  6. Natalie Smith

    this was very clear and concise, thanks

  7. Broken Pie Chart

    thank you for the nice comments

  8. Paul Dietrich

    Can you get futures charts such as corn and soybeans on candle stick?

    1. Broken Pie Chart

      Paul, usually yes. Many charting programs including futures and commodities offer bar and candle charts. Check to see on your settings types of charts..

  9. fdggfgdfgd

    Hi Tradesurfer, whats the best time scale for candlesticks…?

    are all timescales relevant? Forinstance, a monthly chart with daily time scales…

    vs a daily chart by 5 minute intervals

    can both apply?

    1. 許騰允

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    2. saroj prajapati

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    3. Raslen 77

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    4. Juman Salih

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    5. Trezex

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  10. Mark Younes

    im a rookie trader.  i am looking to become a day trader.  What is a good website to use to day trade? 

  11. Luis Gonzalez

    Wow Great Information! Well Definitely be studying more 🙂 thanks yawl 👌🏼

  12. ahmad hairi

    Very good knowledge. Thanks

  13. E S

    Great video! Just a constructive critic though:
    In 3:03 you start explaining the different candlestick patters. It was a good explanation, but you only speak about them. I believe it would be great if you could signal everything you speak about with circles or arrows, or whatever you believe is best. I say this because I’m a visual learner and can understand two times better if I can see what you’re referring to.

  14. eBoards Co

    I love you for this video. Thanks dude. Really helpful

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