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Mulibagger Stock Update 2019| Penny Stock Multibagger | Latest Multibagger stock 2019.



I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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33 Thoughts to “Mulibagger Stock Update 2019| Penny Stock Multibagger | Latest Multibagger stock 2019.”

  1. Dileep Gehlot

    Sir ji yes bank pe video banao

  2. Vatsal Pandya

    Nice research sirji

    1. Subhash Tech Live

      Thanks sir

  3. Vatsal Pandya

    We would to like watch more videos like this!

  4. lakshmi kanth

    Sir, syschem company is similar to to elcid. Kindly study.

    1. Subhash Tech Live

      Ok sir

    2. Subhash Tech Live

      Syschem is Debt-ridden industry
      Very bed balance sheet
      Please avoid

    3. lakshmi kanth

      Thankyou sir

  5. Sikandar Mulla

    Are you sure sir – ELCID stock is safe for investment….

    1. Subhash Tech Live

      this stock give us 150% dividend
      Our investment is free.

    2. Sikandar Mulla

      OK SIR.. Thanks Sir Ji…

    3. Sikandar Mulla

      Sir Plz Make video on YES BANK on current situation….

  6. Manish Maru

    In one segment only trade before 6months

    How to buy or sell

    1. Subhash Tech Live

      Daily order place

  7. Anupam Bhattacharya

    Surely Interesting.

  8. Ajay Kumar

    Pincon spirits par video Banaye sir

  9. Ravindra Khadse

    Thanks Subhash ji ,


    When to buy stock

  11. Pravin Jadhav

    Jis company me trading hi nahi Hoti o Kia Kam ki. Tumane itana time barbad Kiya kya fayda bhai. Ye invested share nahi बेचते.jiski real prise 1lakh se jyada hai.

    1. Anand Verma

      Yes sir Islington real value 100000 hai.

  12. Satyansh Ojha

    I tried many times but impossible to get that share and it will rock in future

    1. yn pawale

      Satyansh Ojha ye company trading band Hui kya


    Sir AAP kahn ke h

  14. Sanjay Sehgal

    Core business se income to hai naheen
    Shell co hai

  15. I love technical

    Sir new compony 2019 k uper video bnna do

  16. Chetan Tulsiyan

    Sir Vodafone idea ke baare mein bataye

  17. Sanjay Dhameliya

    Serka name kyhe ?

    1. Subhash Tech Live

      Elsid Ltd.

  18. milindrk1302

    Thanks for the information. What is your opinion on PCJ and Vakrangee? Will it boost back? What are chances?

    1. Subhash Tech Live

      Pc jewellers only diwali seasonal stock and risky .
      But you can think of Vakrangee
      Vakrangee’s demand book appears to be strong.


    Company name please

    1. Subhash Tech Live

      Elcid stock price
      Ak baar google me search karo sir.

  20. Lalit Singh

    Pahadi ho kya daajyu …!!

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