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Penny Stocks [101] | Phil Town


If you have actually been researching investing, chances are you've become aware of questionable "cent stocks". I'm here to assist you decide if dime stocks, defined as supplies traded for less than $5 a share as well as not sold on the significant market exchanges, are a good investment.

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22 Thoughts to “Penny Stocks [101] | Phil Town”

  1. Fabulous Mizz G

    Hi Phil, I have invested in Penny stocks, and I did apply the 4 m’s to the ones I invested in after I took your work shop in Atlanta. So far, all I can say is: If volatility bothers me, then I shouldn’t invest there. The reality is this: I have been skeptical of my own ability to make the right decisions in plunking down bigger dollars in bigger companies, SO I haven’t done that. But 3 of the penny stocks out of 13 I’ve invested in have tripled and quadrupled my money (any where from $ .09 to over $30.. At some point I will find my Kahoneys and sell off (if I can) and take my gains and reinvest them more in accordance with the rule. Thanks for teaching. I send as many interested people your way as I can.

    1. Phil Town's Rule #1 Investing

      Thank you for watching and sharing your experience, really great insight!

  2. Phil Town's Rule #1 Investing

    Hey there folks, thanks for watching today’s video on penny stocks. Have you invested in penny stocks before? What was your experience? Download my Investing Quick Start Guide to learn more:

  3. Jake Tran

    You released this vid at the perfect time. Thanks!

  4. Ruben H. Baca

    Keep this type of content coming!!!!! need more info on penny stocks since they are almost never covered in books. unless you recommend some?

  5. dennis buckley

    Great video Phil! I recently invested in a company called Glance technology that appears to be growing quickly. They are based in canada with a service similar to apple pay and pay pal. Im going to do more research regarding 4Ms and see if it would be worth it to ride out the storm of volatility!

  6. Darwin Martin

    I recall a time when a big company became a “penny stock” because of an event called the great recession in 2009. I was driving to work listening to the news and heard a statement about certain institutions being “too big to fail.” Later that day I noticed that Citibank was on sale for a $1.00 per share. I only regret that I didn’t have the available cash to buy 10000 shares instead of 1000 at $1.02 at that time. This wasn’t the type of penny stock that is the focus of your video but I wonder if this type of event could create a similar opportunity in the foreseeable future?

  7. Gaurav Sharma

    I’m 3 months away from clearing up all my bad debts, thanks to you 🙂

  8. Xiaosong Rong

    Usually small unkniw companies. May come from dilution.
    1, High volatile
    2, No enough liquidity (hard to sell)
    3, No enough history data for analysis
    4, More possible to drop to zero

    Benefits: may be high return.

  9. Daniel Chen

    I am invested in penny stocks right now! It wasn’t my plan to start off investing in penny stocks, but the industry I am looking is going through a tremendous bear market. The market is uranium.

    Meaning: 1) Uranium produces cheap, green energy! 2) One pound of uranium can power a light bulb for 800+ years of electricity; whereas, 1 lb of coal can only power a light bulb for less than 5 days! 3) In the US, 20% of power comes from uranium, but it creates 60% of carbon free electricity.

    Moat: A lot of time is required to permit and build a mine ~ 10 years. Because it takes so long to permit/build a mine, new companies that come into the uranium sector also run the risk of building and producing uranium when the market is on the downturn.

    Margin of Safety: the entire uranium industry has a market cap of less than $7 billion!!!! Some companies are trading less than their cash on hand. Some uranium companies also have other resources (titanium, vanadium) that if valued alone can make up the entire market cap of the company!

    Management: Great thing about uranium market right now is that the number of companies has decreased from 500 (at its peak) to around 40 (now). That makes it much easier to spot the qualified management teams.

  10. Joe B

    Hey the Phil Town, my name is Joseph i just started following you. Reading your book Rule #1. Great book so far.

  11. djstr0b3

    Thanks Phil… I’m listening to Rule #1 Investing audiobook these days and these videos are a great complement to that.

  12. Lorenzo Garcia

    This channel is a gold nugget in a pile of rocks! Thank you Phil town! I now watch this channel every morning while i drink my coffee!

    1. xP

      Not every morning lets be real MY BROTHER!

  13. Allen Morgan

    I am a new investor and I have been experimenting with some penny stocks but I’m only buying one share at a time. My real investments are in stocks that are $15-$50 and I’m staying in for weeks or a couple of,months at a time and trying to make a profit that way. I’m still learning to read balance sheets and learning to understand cash flow p/e ratios and volume. Its all very interesting. I am also making some long term investments as well.

  14. Kevin Pierret

    You cover this really well, straight to the relevant points… Thank you

  15. Brad Pietrzak

    I threw 500 in some penny stocks sold and made 4k. It was luck and I didn’t know what I was doing but knowing this I think I can make smarter decisions buying now

  16. Dedric Butler

    When are you going to make a video on dividend stocks

  17. HK Psycho

    Can I call you Uncle Phill?

  18. Troy Green

    Phil, I like what your speaking. How many people buy Starbucks and other brands every day not out of need but habit and want. Now imagine that money is going towards penny and other low cost stocks.

  19. Guiderman Posso

    Thanks for your great information.
    I am working on penny stocks and yes they volatile.

    Guiderman Posso.

  20. amin dhanani

    Hey Phil, I invested in a stock called CEI, I made some money before but then started losing because of stock split. What would you suggest

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