Penny Stocks 

Penny stocks basics for beginners in India. Stock market lessons for beginners in India. Telugu badi


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Learn more about Penny stocks. Stocks basics for beginners in India.

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28 Thoughts to “Penny stocks basics for beginners in India. Stock market lessons for beginners in India. Telugu badi”

  1. Madhan Gopal

    Bro,thanks for the video, can you share your mail id please

    1. Telugu badi (తెలుగుబడి)

      +Madhan Gopal

      Thank you. : )

  2. siva sai krishna marthy

    sir meeru , , websites mida oka video cheyandi ….anaga aa websites ni ela study cheyalo chepthu oka video cheyandi …thankyou

    1. Chinthada Sreekanth

      Company shares konemundhu ah company okka assets liabilities teliyali ante em chevali.. ala telusukovali

  3. Narendra G

    please explain the candles charts

  4. Rajupulluri Sahadevudu

    How can i find High volume trade penny stocks and low volume trade penny stocks… Please explain about it…

  5. Kishore Tangudu

    Boss, antha bagundi kani., video’s ki numbering iste, its easy to follow.
    ledante, E.. video tarvatha edi chudalo chinna confusion vastadi. Please do it for us.

    1. Telugu badi (తెలుగుబడి)

      +Kishore Tangudu

      Sure.. bro. Thanks for your valuable suggestion. Playlist lo search chey Bro. One by one video order lo play avutayi ☺

  6. sravan chary

    u r voice and u r explanation so GD sir

    1. Telugu badi (తెలుగుబడి)

      Thank you So Much : )

    2. godugu anil yadav

      @Telugu badi (తెలుగుబడి)
      Bro ee stock market videos ala chesavooo
      Same RBI function and dhanii basics gurnchiii
      Videos cheyi anna
      Excepting a reply from you

  7. Charan Cherry

    I m beginner, plz…tell me how to invest….. In good companies.

  8. rajesh raj

    good information 🙂

  9. Sangamureddi Kishore Naidu

    Bro….low volume high volume antay eti bro

  10. Chundru Pattabhiramu

    penny stocks konemundu, high volume lo tradavutunnaya leka low volume lo tradavutunnaya and vishayam ela kanipettali??

  11. hemachand krishna

    thank you for valuable suggestions sir

  12. Raju Bandari

    Helo Sir, well information, but how long we can invest on penny stocks and wait for profits?

  13. Praveen Netha

    Low volume and high volume telisedi ela?

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  15. Somanchi Venkata Ramana Murthy

    Very informative and insightful. Thank You.

    1. Telugu badi (తెలుగుబడి)

      Thank you so much sir 🙏


    Thanks bro valuable information…….

    1. Telugu badi (తెలుగుబడి)

      Thank you bro. Please share with your friends

  17. madhav venkat

    Thanks alot sir….Good explanation..

  18. Chinna yadav

    Bro iam new ….. I have learn total information ….plss

  19. rohith kathuroju

    Hi Sir,
    I have a question.

    Let us think if a person kept Rs.100 in some company’s share. After 1 month the shares of that company are largely reduced (Loss). In that, the person had lost his invested money (Rs.100). My question is that after losing Rs.100 is that person is /was asked to pay some extra amount to that Company to cover the company’s loss?

  20. Udatha Sattibabu

    Hi bro. nado chinna dout razorpay dvara refund anedi chesukovocha ?

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