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An Introduction to Trading Futures


Tom Sosnoff and also Tony Battista respond to inquiries taking care of trading futures contracts. They review the benefits of utilizing futures as well as comparable options methods when trading futures isn't an option for a smaller account.

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32 Thoughts to “An Introduction to Trading Futures”

  1. Eric Howard

    Only 39 seconds of good info. This video is garbage.

  2. sophia cimino

    which 39 seconds?

  3. Berluskaiser

    I think it’s interesting until he starts telling his silver story, which is out of context.


    do the nasdaq 100 emini’s futures move exactly like the nasdaq 100 index? or are they calculated based on supply and demand? the march contract seems to move nearly identical to the stock index.

  5. Darrell Webster

    The greatest upside using Futures over Options is the no time decay. Trading is a tough profession, the instrument used to practise your chosen profession should contain the lest obstacles to success and time decay in options is an obstacle to success.

    1. tastytrade

      +Darrell Webster When you sell an option time decay (theta decay) actually works in your favor!

    2. Darrell Webster

      +tastytrade Thank you for responding, I am a futures trader (as you may have guested) and have only traded one instrument and that is futures since 1997. My comment on time decay in options came from a certain amount of ignorance on my part. It comes from the traders I have conversed with over my time in the markets, I must add these were traders that could not make a success out of the profession (there are many of them).
      Trading has been my sole source of income (full-time trader) since 2008, trading the Australian futures index (SPI 200). The main tools I use are forward looking tools (most I developed myself) so my trading style is proactive rather then reactive.
      An interesting point the Australian market reacts very similar to the US dow, often I work out a turn in the SPI from data of the SPI and in hindsight I find the US Dow will also turn on the very day I had worked out.

    3. wilkin

      Sir, can you explain what Tom means when he says “when futures are used alone, you have a 97% chance of losing all your money”?.

    4. Darrell Webster

      Hi Wilkin
      Tom is an options man and everyone has there own bent as a trader. He uses futures as a hedge and his way of looking at trading futures is not as a stand alone trading instrument, so if he traded futures as his stand alone trading instrument using his strategies he would most likely have a 97% probability of losing all his money. I have traded futures with my own money on one stock index for 20 years for about 85% of my income over that time and if I now started trading options as a stand alone instrument I would also have a 97% probability of losing all my money.

      Anyone serious about taking up trading as a living should find there own bent, meaning the type of market that suits them, also the best instrument for there style of trading to trade that market. If a trader can understand just one market and understand it better than 99% of everyone else in that market your chances for success will rise expediently. For me I study the technical side of the market for others it might be the fundamental side, find what suits you!

    5. wilkin

      Thank you for the replying. I really appreciate it!

  6. Leggo My Ego

    You forgot to do an introduction to trading futures.

    1. Jérémie

      HAHAH exactly my thoughts

    2. Diallo Khari

      i thought it was just me…

  7. Stan Jinjiev

    I think it’s interesting until he starts telling his silver story, which is out of context.Get to point

  8. L4ucky

    hey guys, great intro video! can you please clarify those spots:
    14:52 “on their own, they is a 97% chance you’re going out of business” talking about ETFs
    15:10 “on their own it is virtually impossible to trade futures and be successful”

  9. Zaid Chalabi

    i day trade stocks very successfully.
    trying to expand to futures and options as well
    anyone knows a good source to learn futures and decent chatroom that trades live with members just to learn for starters

    1. Down Town

      The Mountain you do? huh… curiously, what’s your avg weekly income doing that?

    2. Zaid Chalabi

      Down Town last yar was great
      over 10k
      now im at -5000 this year
      had 1 big loss and im still red.
      hopefully will be able to bounce back soon. i usually do way better around summer time lol

    3. Down Town

      The Mountain so is day trading your day job?

    4. Adam Mada

      Thomas Wood @ basecamptrading is amazing IMO

  10. JP Smith

    “futures on their own, it’s impossible to be successful. Combined with the rest of your portfolio, it’s a monster entity” ….That does not make sense. If they lost you money on their own, they would also lose you money on your portfolio—assuming same trades performed.

  11. Shadow Trader

    Nice introduction to futures 🙂 I have been trading for the last 10years and been in of love of them ever since!

  12. KeninBoulder

    Yeah but you guys started talking about the Notional Value with out telling us what it represents and why we need to find it. I thought this was awesome right up to when you started talking about the Notional Value.

  13. Erik Esparza


  14. Jazen Valencia

    6:07 – 11:30 the silver story. skip it if you want but it’s funny though.

  15. Nick Foxer

    He said “In the Russel, it’s a dollar a point” then the subsequent slide says it’s “$100/point” ….

  16. Mehr Licht

    The Silver-corner of 1979 made me an market-addict – I was a 9 year old kid. While other teens knew everything about their favorite scoccer-clubs, I studied the bussiness part of the newspapers. The bull market of the 80’s paid for my private school. 🙂

    1. julie r

      Same here, I was about 13, I remember 60 minutes doing the story on Bunkie Hunt and became very interested in how it all worked. Now I make my living trading.

  17. Donald D

    I know traders who are successful who only trade futures. So… wrong!

  18. Stock Investing and Trading 101

    Now I got guys like you

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