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Emini Futures Part 1 Basics (ES) How to trade Futures

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Exactly how to trade the emini ES Futures Newbie basics Part 1 of 3 parts DISCLAIMER

Futures, international money and choices trading includes substantial danger as well as is except every financier. A capitalist can possibly shed all or greater than the first financial investment. Working capital is money that can be lost without threatening ones financial protection or way of life. Just equity capital must be made use of for trading and also only those with sufficient equity capital must think about trading. Previous performance is not always a sign of future outcomes.

CFTC Rules 4.41 – Theoretical or Simulated performance outcomes have particular constraints, unlike a real efficiency document, substitute results do not stand for actual trading. Also, because the professions have actually not been implemented, the outcomes may have under-or-over made up for the influence, if any kind of, of specific market elements, such as absence of liquidity. Substitute trading programs as a whole are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the advantage of hindsight. No depiction is being made that any kind of account will or is most likely to accomplish earnings or losses comparable to those revealed.

This web site is planned for educational and also informative objectives just and should not be considered as a solicitation or recommendation of any kind of item, service or trading method. No offer or solicitation to buy or market safeties, safety and securities by-product or futures products of any type of kind, or any kind of type of trading or financial investment guidance, referral or method, is made, offered, or in any kind of manner backed by any NT affiliate and the details made available on this Web site is not a deal or solicitation of any kind. Particular concerns associated with a broker agent account should be sent out to your broker straight. The web content as well as opinions revealed on this internet site are those of the writers and do not necessarily show the main policy or position of NT or any of its associates. Danger Disclosure: Futures and also foreign exchange as well as Alternatives trading consists of significant risk as well as is except every financier. A capitalist might potentially lose all or more than the initial financial investment. Working capital is money that can be lost without threatening ones' financial protection or life style. Only equity capital should be utilized for trading and also only those with enough equity capital should think about trading. Previous efficiency is not necessarily a measure of future results. Views as well as comments on program are for amusement purposes just

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23 Thoughts to “Emini Futures Part 1 Basics (ES) How to trade Futures”

  1. Lou C

    This video might be basic but this is the basic I need. I love the video and it opens my trading ideas, I really like this video, waiting for the 2nd part.

  2. Bigtruck2007

    always learning something new..thanx

  3. diver05

    DAY TRADER ROCKSTAR……. jesus I thought this was a KISS rock n roll clip ! Thanks for nothing. lol.

  4. Mike Fries

    This video is perfect! This is exactly what I was hoping to find when I searched youtube tonight. Thanks DTRS!

  5. sommi

    @pattystaff — Yes. They’re called “derivatives” because they derive from the underlying stock price. The contract bonus or loss happens as the stock price or index moves. A contract price doesn’t change… it’s just an arbitrary measure of exposure to the market you take.

  6. pat mich

    That was an inspiring dare I say exciting video. I am a novice, and thus far have only traded stocks, I didn’t even know what ES was, although I have seen it talked about many times. Thanks for educating.

  7. lifehousejudo

    Good informative video. This strategy is just as good as eminikit(dot)com

  8. 2011October14

    This is my first futures lesson. Thank you!

  9. MrMaier3000

    Have you read the book?

  10. Joe E

    I now trade using price action with the Pipdaq setups and it has moved me from a break even trader to a profitable one. If you are struggling finding good entries or not sure where to exit, take a look as it might suit you also.

  11. Master Damo

    Can you lose more than the value of a contract?

    1. Mearyeaurng

      +Steve Zussou – you can lose your whole account if you don’t have your stop loss.

  12. X H

    if you do a wrong way, and lost all the money in a way, will you owe money to them? and also, if you wait, can you wait until the trend change and money can go back?

    1. Mearyeaurng

      +Xi Hong – almost all brokers will give you margin calls if your fund is heading the wrong way. this way you won’t owe anything to them.

  13. Jamel Stringer

    Ok, so I have $2000 in my trading account right? How do I know how much the contract I am looking to buy is worth? I assume all contracts are different prices. In this scenario the contract was $1350.

    1. Nunya Beeswax

      +Jamel Stringer The 1350 you are referring to are in points and each point represents $50. So $50 x 1350 is $67,500. Unlike stocks you don’t need all that money to trade futures; look up with leverage is. The money you need in your account differs from broker to broker. I know that ninjatrader’s maintenance margin is $4750 and the amount you actually trade with is $500. SO the profit you can make with so little money upfront is huge, but you can also lose it all and also end up having to pay your broker thousands of dollars more.

  14. i -ritical

    what time over night holding start? midnight till 9.30am when the markets opens?

  15. Badrul Hussain

    Can you swing trade this ES futures?

  16. James Williams

    Thx a Ton.

  17. RAFE Alexa

    Thank you for the lesson I’m an options trader myself. Use to do currencies trading but lately way to choppy on the 4 hour charts. I like using FINVIZ it’s free.

  18. Corey G.

    Must be before the 2008 crash. No wonder he says incredible.

  19. George Korn

    can i trade the past?

  20. Eminisp Tradingsecret


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