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How My Student Roland Turned $4,000 into $230,000 Trading Penny Stocks | The Tim Sykes Show Part 1


Roland Wolf came out of no place as well as turned $4,000 right into over $230,000 in a year by taking it one trade each time. Learn just how he did it. Subscribe below to get INSTANTANEOUS signals when I publish a new video clip detailing my cent stock trading methods:

1:30 This guy came out of heaven in the last couple of months. You'll see him in the chat rooms offering excellent patterns and great discourse. I'm proud to present you to a person that has actually turned $4,000 into over $230,000 in a year. I am pleased to present you to Roland Wolf.

3:00 I grew up in Scottsdale, AZ born and elevated. I grew up playing football, and I never ever pictured I 'd get into stock trading.

4:30 I would certainly take the small amount of money I had, as well as I would certainly buy supply. I really did not succeed, so I began researching, as well as I stumbled upon Tim, and I began looking into day trading. I was cynical in the beginning.

7:30 All I was doing at the beginning was watching his day-to-day video lessons. I realized that I required to study extra so I bought the Trading Tickers DVD as well as Just How to Make Millions DVD. After watching those, it opened my mind, and also I realized that I required to discover as much as feasible.

10:30 I had one screen and also I was attempting to trade on it, I didn't have any scanners, I was just going after supplies around and paying attention to what everybody was claiming in the chatroom, and that really did not function effectively.

12:50 I just began utilizing VWAP a couple of months back, and it's the only indication on any one of my charts at this point. It's volume heavy average rate.

15:30 I get up early so I can watch the information and also develop a strategy prior to the marketplace opens. I used just to wing it, yet I had a lot of failings. Having a prepare for your day is important when you're day trading.

18:30 The longest I typically hold a stock is one evening and after that I"m out in the early morning.

20:00 I couldn't join the millionaire challenge at first because I didn't have adequate cash. I tried to try on my very own yet I wanted to take my skills to the following degree, and that's when I signed up with the challenge.

23:00 My spouse would certainly get upset since I've been investing every one of my time examining the stock exchange. But she's been super encouraging since she understands that I love trading and also I enjoy finding out the stock exchange.

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28 Thoughts to “How My Student Roland Turned $4,000 into $230,000 Trading Penny Stocks | The Tim Sykes Show Part 1”

  1. The blaxican family

    who saw the guy stick his hand out and he just passed him up hahaha

    1. Dixie Bullington

      Roland is full of himself

    2. Eli Pagan

      All this Information and that’s what you choose to comment on?

    3. Jordan T

      To clear the air that guy was me lol and he did shake my hand lol I guess it was a bad angle

  2. aaro 345

    2:23Roland left him hanging 😂😂

  3. MrJohn188


  4. Krogzax Ants

    Roland is awesome! Good job Roland 🙂

  5. Chris M

    Tim, you should start another charity that helps people join your challenge that can’t afford it. You can call it, “The Timothy Sykes Foundation for People Who Can’t Trade Good”

    1. bristocks1

      No kidding! Not buying one DVD for $1000 or $1500 each.

    2. Bob

      He just doesn’t care. That’s the wall street sprite. That’s how they earn. Giving fake hopes to poor/ middle class and squeeze them till their last drops of their money. Don’t count on people , make your life without hopping on them.

    3. kigen818

      Dedication doesn’t start after you get the material, dedication starts when you save your first dollar for the material, even if you get the material 6 months or a year later from today….

    4. badfoo

      How can he teach people how to trade if they can’t even fit inside the building??

    5. Chase Ramos

      @bristocks1 you can make it without paying for lessons

  6. Shahzain Kureishy

    boiii we all know u sure as hell aint getting wifi down there

  7. stonkstrader dotcom

    when this is me ill get drake and make a remix of gods plan to stocks plan

  8. Randy Frias

    but Awsome a new show! I like it when u show off, it reminds me to keep up making $ and to try to be rich even faster!

  9. Justin Ward

    Thank You Tim and Roland!!

  10. DelPasand

    I love how different you are comparing your students and they can make it.It’s a freaking confirm on solidity of your knowledge and coaching.Cheers Tim

  11. Anzelle Whitsett

    It is awesome that Roland is sharing his journey. I see parallels in his early struggles. Knowing that a great trader he has become, gives me inspiration that the success is possible. Great interview and format.

  12. Oinotna Iramida

    Thank Tim,great Ronald … and a pleasure to see you again, we hope to see you more often

  13. Danny Gomz

    These type of videos help so much! so many hidden lessons, awesome video.

  14. Vincenzo Migliaccio

    Thank you so much Roland. Every time I watch one of your videos or interviews some golden nuggets on the way you trade are revealed and enrich my knowledge a little further. I hope you could soon make your own DVD/s and share your knowledge even more.

  15. Luis Gomez

    This was amazing! Really enjoyed this interview, and it definitely motivates me!

  16. Devin Tuff

    i would sit there all day trading then swimming


    The good thing about Roland is how he love his family. It’s so obvious.

  18. Hey There

    I love these interviews, they’re so helpful! Thank you Tim!

  19. multi millionaire


  20. TJ Paymard

    Good Lesson ✔︎ Y.N.M ♛

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