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How to Find the Hottest Penny Stocks FAST | My Secret Weapon


I utilize scans for large % gainers over various timeframes and also its vital Twitter scanner as well, see even more at as well as well as use these tools daily! Subscribe below to obtain INSTANT alerts when I upload a brand-new video detailing my penny stock trading methods:

0:10 I desire you to utilize the weekend breaks to examine, find out as well as find out what's functioning best in the dime securities market.

1:00 Learning is a process and also if you're not recognizing every little thing right now I want you to comprehend that that's regular. It takes months to find out and develop behaviors in cent stock trading.

1:30 I was incorrect concerning CDXC on Friday. There was information that Mark Zuckerberg was doing to buy CDXC.

2:00 You need to be utilizing on a daily basis to stay on top of the latest information.

3:00 I discovered CDXC by identifying this spike and also by taking a look at the scans of Twitter.

4:00 When a widely known millionaire like Zuckerberg buys a little firm, that's big news.

5:00 You can scan and also undergo Twitter to locate affordable price cent stocks that are being talked about.

5:30 Whenever a billionaire is being discussed with a small company, I have an interest in that stock.

7:00 Sometimes old information can still relocate stocks, and it can happen really swiftly.

8:00 I did the most effective point I want the CDXC news. I bought it, sent out a sharp and after that left when the price had not been going my means.

10:00 Sometimes things don't go your way, and you need to find out exactly how to venture out.

10:30 Long tale short: when doubtful, venture out. Leave that below in the remarks if you understand this lesson.

12:00 This market is crazy, however it's additionally extremely forgiving. POTN is an excellent instance.

13:00 What you require to recognize regarding this market is that it's alright to get out a little early, or too early. It's ok to play it a little safe.

13:30 I would certainly like you to be over-safe as well as lock in 10% gains as well as learn to safeguard your incomes. Find out these lessons now in the risk-free market, so you do not obtain crushed in a various market.

15:00 I'll reveal you specifically just how to handle your losses while trading penny supplies.

15:15 Use the scans in to watch on the cent securities market as well as keep in mind: when doubtful, get out.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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27 Thoughts to “How to Find the Hottest Penny Stocks FAST | My Secret Weapon”

  1. infamyny18

    When in doubt get out

  2. jay hawkins

    when in doubt pull it out

    1. de la Concepcion

      mean meme πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

    2. Moderator

      Bruh, I was going to just make a stupid joke like that. Stop stealing people’s jokes ya virgin πŸ˜€

    3. Rahul thukaram

      @mean meme oh yeah yeah

  3. Javier Navarro

    *”How I use my super expensive monthly subscription scanner to find the best stocks to trade”*

    1. Hiczer Trader

      is it really free if you have to do 30 trades? … lol

    2. Tip Top

      yeah I was hype for this dudes classes and lessons then I saw the prices lol…

    3. Hiczer Trader

      School is more expensive but they don’t teach you how to be a millionaire

    4. Rahul thukaram

      @Tip Top i guess you were hyped for college and then dropped the idea after lookin at the student fee….if not then stop bitchin….look at the upside…you have the oppurtunity to make 100x times your investment once you gain the knowledge….

  4. Juelz Greer

    When in doubt get out ✌

  5. M C

    When in doubt get out

  6. Tha Scientist

    When in doubt ! Get out !

  7. GottaC 13

    When in doubt get out.

  8. William Lourido

    when confused get out

  9. nrams1

    When in doubt get out.

    It’s okay to be safe!

  10. Ambessa Saul


  11. A.M. Studios

    When in doubt, get out.

  12. Vince G

    When in doubt get out!

  13. Alem Soler


  14. Jaxx

    When in doubt get out! Got it Tim.

  15. Jeanpaul Towers

    When in doubt get out

  16. Slikjmuzik

    When in doubt, get out. Got it! Let’s see if I can actually execute that in real time…

  17. Frank Bernardi

    When in doubt get out. Like you say it ain’t rocket science. I gotchu

  18. Andra Vrincianu

    When in doubt get out!

  19. James Whittle

    When in doubt get out

  20. alex mwenda

    when in doubt get out

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