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How to (LEGALLY) Make Money Trading Penny Stock Pump and Dumps


What is a pump as well as dump and why should I obtain involved with cent stocks if they are all pump and also unloads? Subscribe right here to get INSTANT signals when I upload a new video detailing my dime supply trading techniques:

0:30 I want to utilize all various type of firms and supplies in the stock exchange to obtain me richer. Pump and dumps and also penny supplies have actually benefited me.

0:50 A pump and also dump is not always going to be a cent stock as well as the other way around.

1:10 What is a pump and dispose? It's when somebody lies as well as "inflate" a stock or a company or a modern technology to get people to buy stock. It's pumping and lying.

2:00 Firms will put out deceptive press releases to purposely inflate their stock prices.

2:30 Companies lie since they want to inflate their supply rates, gather the earnings and then unload the stocks.

3:00 Often you may believe that a firm is genuine yet in reality, there are all sort of nefarious individuals in penny supplies.

4:00 For me, every one of this pumping as well as disposing is very foreseeable and also you can discover the patterns. You can find out to detect the counterfeits.

5:00 For me it's very simple to check out the FCC filings and also get to the reality. That's how I generate income. You can ride the buzz, make earnings as well as eliminate the supply legitimately.

6:00 This is where my value comes in. I can translucent the phonies, I can tell you how long a pump and dump will last as well as when it's time to brief sell. Pump as well as dumps are really predictable.

7:00 Individuals that haven't researched and also who aren't doing their homework will certainly lose in pump and also discards. Many people locate me when they have actually shed all of their money in a pump as well as dump.

8:00 No place else in the stock exchange do you have this kind of predictability.

8:20 Leave a comment if you have any kind of concerns regarding pump and discards. There are predictable indications with pump and also dumps as well as I can instruct you exactly how to find out these signs, as well.

Thanks for viewing, make sure to subscribe to my channel for suggestions on penny stocks, cryptocurrency, and the securities market as well as leave your inquiries in the remarks below.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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30 Thoughts to “How to (LEGALLY) Make Money Trading Penny Stock Pump and Dumps”

  1. peteabc1

    You know market is boring and pumps and dumps are rare and there’s nothing to trade when Timothy makes 3 videos in 4 days..

    1. Raydrick Davis

      peteabc1 ding ding ding

  2. Ronnie Smillie

    Tim Sykes is the FIRST teacher to learn from if you want to trade Penny Stocks!

    1. Kate Robinson

      Philipp w who else can you recommend for a newbie?

    2. Michael Jordan

      Philipp w so…. you’re not gonna drop any names…

    3. trout mouth

      I have 3 kids I already know pump and dump

    4. Alexander Totty

      any penny stock one on one trainings you know about ?

  3. Omar Elias

    “Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves”

    1. Prax Rai

      Words to live by

  4. RichyTV

    thanks tim! 22 year old trader, I love pump and dumps(supernovas) and they’re definitely easy to spot!! luv the vids

  5. Dan Tanner

    So excited for my phone interview in a few hours. This was great information on the pump and dump and your comment on the small print was spot on. I noticed that on an email I got two days ago. This drove me to study the company a little deeper before making a decision.

    1. Bobby Wasabi

      Dan Tanner how did it go?

  6. uri black

    My new fake rapper name is gona be called……Lil Dump. Because lil Pump was already taken😭😤😂😂😂

    1. piskuljko pisljkuljkovic

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    3. Dexter Morgan

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  7. denise west

    I’m into it learning all i can

  8. Edgar Franco

    Nice intro 😂

  9. Bare Bones

    would love to learn more about this and make money for my family

  10. Tim Bo

    Thanks Tim. I’m beginning to underatand! I enjoy when you tell it like it is. Looking forward to having fun with penny stock strategies. Peace and joy.

  11. Michael Cates

    Tim you are so down to earth, love your bluntness, watching all videos,I’m a slow learner but I will get there, with your help. Thanks for all the information.

  12. Big Sean

    Why does he remind me of Donny from Wolf of Wall Street😂

  13. Alisha Norman

    I’ve watched a lot of your videos and they definitely have me motivated to learn..just like what he said I’m already broke so I got nothing to lose 😂 … I’ve even started dreaming about your videos in my sleep

  14. jon

    Flybe in the UK are amazing right now High of 49p each now sitting around 3p each!

  15. Anthony Jackson

    I have been watching your videos for a couple of weeks now, I never see these links to join any type of class.

    I would like more info to learn from you.
    Also, I would be new to the Penny Stock world, but I have been ghosting charts, learning SEC 8k files, and I feel like I need to learn from someone with actual live experience.

    So if you keep tabs on these comments please leave a link or something that I can get more info from, or we could exchange info by email.

  16. Фасист Евгенист 1488

    I love pump and dumps ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  17. MBC1975

    Your name ‘Timothy Sykes’ makes me cautious… 🤔

    JK. Just found u on Stocktwits.. good stuff, man. Thanks! ☘🚀👍

  18. riley olson

    I learn from Ricky Gutierrez and wow you have some really great words. I’m 20 and have about 10K and you now make me want to trade penny stocks.

  19. Ian Rosas

    Love you Tim wise man

  20. iDanDidIt

    I love that you’re an honest degenerate, lol. I’m going to have to take your course!

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