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How To Paper Trade on ThinkOrSwim 2018 | Penny Stock Day Trading For Beginners 2018



I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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41 Thoughts to “How To Paper Trade on ThinkOrSwim 2018 | Penny Stock Day Trading For Beginners 2018”

  1. Ramon Stalone

    Best advice on everything man! You inspire me!

  2. Zander Verceles

    Thank dude! šŸ˜Š I really appreciate your vid. God bless..

  3. james cortel

    this is what i’ve been looking for <3

  4. David Hamilton

    Tony it’s not letting me adjust cash, any other way to do it?

    1. Adli H

      THANKS!! you lifesaver!

    2. Anthony Meno

      @Sean Spliff you need to put – symbol

    3. Vansh Berry

      you will have to execute a trade first.
      then you will see the option.

    4. Gustavo Espinal

      This one it’s the answer! Thanks!

    5. miles stewart

      @Sean Spliff you can backspace and enter your desired amount. you don’t need to use the options given

  5. Catlike Diva

    thank you! can’t wait to start practicing.

    1. Blog Tornado

      Could we practice together?

    2. Keith James

      Hey man, I have a question : I work from 7am – 5pm PST so I’m never home when the market is open to practice with thinkorswim paper trading. Do they have a recording of the day I can practice opening and closing positions with at night or do you know of another way? I really want to start practicing! Thank you.

    3. Blog Tornado

      You have to call costumer service in a nice way to grant you a Live feed. You can then practice simulation.

    4. angie guerreo

      Hey girl seen your comments on other videos how is it going?

    5. Alex_lovely_ roblox_girl

      Catlike Diva do you have a Snapchat

  6. Archie Leigh

    Your binance trading tips really helped me out. Thank you!

    1. Tony Ivanov

      im glad it did leigh, email me

  7. new era

    Hey I love your videos !
    Is it possible to use ThinkOrSwim from Germany ??
    I want to paper trade but I don’t know what platform to use !

    1. Tony Ivanov

      I am not sure if its available from Germany, you’d have to check with them. I know that also offers paper trading.

  8. Billy Bob

    When I go to Monitor and Activity and Positions I don’t have any of the instruments you have. Can someone please explain this to me.

    1. Hamed Hosseini

      Neither do i.

    2. Tony Ivanov

      It only shows stocks that you traded.

    3. Mantas Bartninkas

      I cant make ir from 100k to 1k

  9. Renato Oliveira

    Tony can you re-do this video? the new version is a bit different we can’t adjust or we don’t know how to adjust the money.

  10. victor

    When I hit “monitor” and try to adjust cash none of that appears on my screen and I cant adjust cash. HOW DO I ADJUST THE CASH?

  11. Sara Mendes

    I figured out the problem for those who have the updated version. On top where it says ALL ACCOUNTS select your IRA or MARGIN account and then under position statement on the right you will see adjust account. From there just type your desired amount. Hope it helps!

    1. Danger Face

      perfect! thank you!

    2. Isaac Chahua

      Thanks soo much!!

    3. David Waudo

      Thanks Sara

  12. LucRits

    Now before me and my gramps Iā€™m gonna start paper trading

  13. Mr. Vizard

    I had this video playing in the background an I totally thought you were Asian by your accent

  14. sylvia harris

    Thank you, i need to better understand how to trade. I find your advice to be very helpful.

  15. Keith Porter

    @11:20 literally the 2nd thing i taught myself. lol

  16. Carla V V

    2019. I just opened a new real account, and let me to log in, But when I go on Paper Trading doesn’t let me log in. It says username or password is wrong. Any idea What can I do to go paper trading?

  17. AwkwardVertices

    I’m on a newer build of TOS and unsure how to change cash amount even with ‘old layout’ option.

  18. Bone Gomez

    Thanks I’m a newbie to Stockmarket and this info really helps!

  19. The Smartest


  20. Jefo Steel

    with “paper Money” can you obtain real-time data or is there a delay in the data?

    1. Tony Ivanov

      you can get realtime data if you simply contact their customer support and ask for it

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