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How To Scan For The Best Stocks Pre-Market Hours | Penny Stock Investor


In this video i damage down how i use td ameritrade thinkorswim to locate & check for the best dime supplies that satisfy my criteria as the very best supplies, we talk about support and resistance as well as recognize the prospective as well as threat for every stock. we go online every week day pre market hrs.

Thanks so much for the assistance, I would love to invite anyone with any type of inquiries to message me as i would certainly love to be a component of your success.

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24 Thoughts to “How To Scan For The Best Stocks Pre-Market Hours | Penny Stock Investor”

  1. TheIV4NLOL

    keep doing these, very helpful to newbies like me and many others, made 20% this morning open, very happy haha

  2. Gabriel Camarena

    Hey Rick I’ve done quite of bit of research in the past years I’m a little rusted but I’m going to be getting back in to trading and making it 1 of my incomes. I see you and you bring me enthusiasm seeing you I’m glad and Happy for you for when I was 21 I had the same drive but when I see you in see myself and I just want to say Never stop keep doing what makes you happy I had a couple losses of immediate family members including my mom but watching you is helping me get out again and want to feel that energy again in trading and moving again in my Life. Keep going for you will never know how much positives you give to ppl if you were those stop. Love all your videos and your positive out look on things. Gabriel Camarena

    1. Ricky Gutierrez

      +Gabriel Camarena hey Gabriel thank you for taking time out of your day to write this beautiful message and sharing your story, I appreciate all your support and I apologize for your losses. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist and I’d love to have you as a part of our team.

  3. C P

    27K subs Ricky!!

  4. Dyre Nobyll

    Wish the chat/group was available to those who dont want to have to have a FB. I get its a free, and probably ideal platform,..but still lol.

    1. _ VesBraun

      IG is good too, now that it is owned by FB.

  5. Arthur K

    Thank you so much for these videos! I’m 15 and I’m currently trading options I’m moving into selling premium for monthly income is there anyway we can get in contact? Again thank you so much!

  6. Ventsi Medarov

    As usual the best video very informative. Keep making such great videos and thanks for sharing everything.

  7. Ethan Michel

    Ricky, Awesome information and constant content uploads. Thank you for everything you do and all the time you take to create this for us. Question: do scanners run in real time? like today 7/10 YUMA$ had a huge gap up, so would that alert us of a huge volume increase and percentage uptick? Even if it’s not in my watch list so I may play the momentum. Thanks

  8. Michael Jackson

    is fedelity good for locating shorts

  9. Endro Wasito3

    ey i’m from indonesia still learn about trading and i work as a trader(broker).

  10. Harry D

    Thank you for being you (honest and transparent). I like real people.

  11. John Hartin

    What is the volume need to be at for DRYS that you would consider to buy and why?

  12. TheBaughler1

    You should try 100 to 1000 challenge

  13. Raymond Cata

    Great videos fam….. really appreciate the free knowledge

  14. Malialei

    Did the same set up as you and I’m not getting the stock volume “graph” and the “extended hours” option box, scanner came up with 10 stocks and only 1 shows up in the search results. Any advise?

  15. Attack Helicopter

    What are the recommended time periods and candles lengths for best analyzing stocks between $1-$10??

  16. Jon

    Hey Ricky. Love the videos!!! Could you make one dedicated to your tos complete layout and settings? Maybe include some helpful tips and tricks on using TOS.

  17. Kenneth Smith

    I’ve been watching from the sidelines, this week I will get in the Market.

    1. Bryan Garvia

      Kenneth Smith hows it going so far?

    2. Kenneth Smith

      Bryan Garvia I am learning. The simulation platform of THINKORSWIM Is my saving grace.

  18. Jim Cruz

    On your study filter, how did you get ext hours loaded on that study? Only place I can find it is with the after hours percentage change

  19. Dick Thanos

    My scanner set up is exactly like yours but I’m unable to see the pre-market, anything before open market. Then when the market opens, stocks start popping up. I do press scan during pre-market hours but nothing pops up. Is there something in the set up I need to turn on? Thanks

  20. Cody Brahs

    Notice that perfect double top on jdst as well

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