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How to Stay Consistent In Pennystocks: ESP Beginner Lesson


Uniformity is Trick so here are the tips written down for you to comply with.

Start with an advisor, a person who has existed and also back two times. When I initially started trading I blew my account up two times, which led to certain doom for me as a trader yet I didn't give up. I located a gracious mentor to instruct me throughout and accelerate my growth. Now I've discovered consistent patterns and also methods to locate, profession and also profit from the very best supplies on the marketplace.


Since the stock exchange crash in 2008, the typical capitalist is gone because the markets volatility is 10 layer. So just how do you make money in a such a market? YOU ENTER AND ALSO GET OUT! I do not hold my positions for more than a day or periodically 2-3 days. I've made 100-200% gains in just hrs by just utilizing predictable however effective patterns to learn from.


– Exactly How To Trade Small Caps + Penny Supplies Under $10.

– Identify Patterns. Where to Buy/Sell/Profit Targets, Quit Loss.

– Exactly how To Manage As Well As Diversify your Portfolio to Make The Most Of Earnings.

– Believe it or Not Trading Psychology is HUGE. Discover Exactly How to Assume!

– Hrs of Real Profession Instances both Wins/loss Explained carefully.

– Discover patterns that have made me quit my job in my 20' sTrading Coach:.

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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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  1. sarah lesser

    You are an awesome person amazing of you to give out a DVD for free!

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      sarah lesser No problem. Just the guy I amπŸ˜†πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

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    Awesome vid jay I just this I will watch this a thousand times πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ’―πŸ˜Ž

  3. Morgan

    can’t wait for the dvd! love your beliefs about helping others

    1. EatSleepProfit

      Morgan my pleasure

  4. 3hooks

    Fantastic! Looking forward to the DVD!

  5. Morgan

    a couple of vid ideas- ideal setups (2:1 risk reward, chart pattern, previous history, higher lows etc), how to prepare in the morning (scan settings, determining what goes on watchlist), and maybe in real time trading or reviewing your wins and losses πŸ™‚ thanks heaps jay

    1. EatSleepProfit

      Morgan Time to get on itπŸ”₯

  6. To3XTRM

    Hats off to you Jay. Many FURU’s would sell this for big $$. Great content!

  7. Uriel Orozco

    Great vid man thanks! Some live trading videos would be sweet too!

  8. Joel Deserve

    I’ve watched maybe 30 videos today on trading and this is the only one i feel I’ve actually learned something from. great stuff!

    1. pranay sharma

      Can you please post the link to other 29 here, will help and won’t waste time. Thanks

  9. Van Ryan

    Just the words I needed. I’ve been consistently having small losses and every once in a while a bigger win, but my overall account was slowly decreasing. Now I know why… I was boredom trading. Thanks!

  10. Jenny Jenson

    By the way, I love your generous attitude. You’ll prosper even more!

  11. Vanida Gail

    Finally, someone who makes sense! Please keep the lessons coming. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  12. Sindy Fernandez

    Thank you so much for paying forward to us the newbies. God bless you! Btw, when is the DVD coming? Would love to watch it..

  13. Wal mouz

    “You only rise when you lift others with you.” THANK YOU MAN! I have been watching many youtubers, DVDs…..etc. You and the Bearded Trader are the only ones whom I felt like I was learning from!

  14. nnieto18

    You make too much sense, just subscribed to eat sleep profit. I like your videos, appreciate your time to teach.

    1. Mister Bucko

      He’s good. Real, Smart.

  15. mark williams

    your great attitude coupled with your wisdom keeps me coming back.It probably is part karma, do good for others it will come back to you.thanks

  16. 1027SaraRose

    I am so excited that I found your channel. I’ve been investing in penny stocks with E*TRADE for about 8 months now and turned my initial $500 into $5000 however I wasn’t satisfied with how long that took. I was buying and holding and had spent about a year and a half following the news and analyst reports for the first company I invested in. I am excited to begin day trading ☺️

  17. Donica Williams

    Hey Jay, thank you for this video! Really appreciate your advice. Where can I find the link to the DVD you mentioned? Thank you !

  18. Nathan

    Thanks for all the helpful information man. I’ve just started getting into penny stocks and day trading, your videos are helping a lot!

  19. joel guerrero

    Just discovered you ,great content man ! Thank you .

  20. Gandalf The Grey

    Jay your content is incredible, and the fact its all free really makes me trust you. Might have to sign up for some 1-on-1 mentoring.

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