Penny Stocks 

Making Money With Penny Stocks


Earning Money With Penny Stocks

Our first venture into earning money with penny stocks. For years we have actually been generating income day trading e-mini futures and also we have seen a significant chance in the dime stock field. With the entertainment legalization of marijuana throughout the country there have been numerous companies that have actually looked very attractive.

Now the penny supplies are relocating as a result of the buzz around the legalization of medication. The states of Washington and also Colorado have actually legislated the entertainment use of cannabis. The golden state is not as well far behind as they were the pioneers of legalizing clinical cannabis.

The nation of Uruguay has already legislated marijuana across the whole country. There have also been records that Peru has been looking to legalize cannabis as well. Throughout the country there have actually been many countries that have actually legalized regulations against marijuana individuals. With every one of this buzz and also news around the sector there has actually been a big opportunity to make money with these dime stocks.

There are several penny supplies that we are watching with the signs, GRNH, ERBB, FITX, CBIS, HEMP, MJNA, RIGH, PHOT.

Be suggested that investing and day trading lugs a certain risk and previous results do not suggest future results. This video clip is indicated for only educational purposes.

Already being up by making money with these dime supplies we intend on sharing our results of how much money we made. We do have targets that are a little bit greater as well as will certainly intend on sharing once our targets are gotten to.

We do expect these penny supplies to proceed going a bit higher as there is still a capacity for the growth of the companies. There are a handful of companies that are essentially flawed and also are climbing just due to the buzz around the legalisation of recreational marijuana.


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32 Thoughts to “Making Money With Penny Stocks”

  1. Remy Reynoso

    i try to buy HEMP and it won’t let me i live in the US i also have scottrade

    1. Day Trading Academy

      HEMP was just sold to another company @Remy Reynoso They are owned by someone else now 🙂

    2. etaylor38

      +Day Trading Academy I think Medical crack is next.

  2. Jamie London

    what do you think about this stock red giant entertainment redg or e-rewards network inc erni   nutra pharma corp  nphc  soul and vibe interactive inc  soul 

    1. Day Trading Academy

      I think there are better opportunities than the stocks that you mentioned @Jamie London 

  3. DanKest

    so whats the next big stock?

    1. Day Trading Academy

      @MrMattthegreat123 Better bets would be silver and gold although I am holding several 3d printing stocks and also silver mining stocks.

    2. DanKest

      i would just buy gold itself if your betting on the gold prices rising. And 3d company’s management isn’t anything special in my mind

    3. Scan Original

      +Day Trading Academy did you sell the printing stocks?

    4. Day Trading Academy

      @OriGinal Bosnian A long time ago,

  4. bigpapi71788

    How can I get started with this can you please tell me the steps

    1. Day Trading Academy

      @bigpapi71788 You can find out about availability at

  5. Angelina Aromanov


  6. Michael Gore

    How can I find great penny stocks with lot of potential?

    1. Day Trading Academy

      @Michael Gore it is a bit harder than said since penny stocks are so easily manipulated. There is a lot of research involved and you also have to know about the markets. We mainly trade emini futures because there is no home work involved. With penny stocks you have to look for stocks that are moving, check volume, check the market, it takes a lot of hard work. With emini futures its 100% tech analysis so you turn on your computer in the morning trade for an hour or two and thats it. You close your computer and then you are done.

  7. Flying Machete

    Medical Marijuana Inc
    0.07Price increase0.00 (4.69%)
    Closed: Jul 2 4:04 PM EDT – Disclaimer
    After-hours: 0.07Price decrease0.00 (0.00%)

  8. Christopher Cook

    Hi what brokerage do use now? thanks. How did you buy these OTCMKTS with  mainstream brokerages?

    1. Day Trading Academy

      @Christopher Cook You can get access to most financial products through the bigger brokerages. I don’t trade penny stocks usually which is why I used Scottrade. To recommend a broker would need to know exactly how you trade. Would recommend you contact us

    2. Anonymous One

      @The Day Trading Academy
      How are you still doing with the day trading?  Have you heard of Green Cure and what are your thoughts on that?

    3. Day Trading Academy

      @Marlene Ditto We are doing very well Darlene. I would have to do research on the company. We have a stock alerts service now where we share with everyone what are the best stocks to look at in this environment.

    4. Anonymous One

      Ok… I want to get started asap

  9. John Osne

    Yes i have a question how do i get starred with penny stocks and is a brokage account free to open

  10. Parris

    What platform can I buy penny stocks on?

  11. djkaye youtube

    can you help me find a good penny stock on this date that has high 3month potential?

    1. Day Trading Academy

      We teach our students how to trade futures because it is a lot less work than penny stocks.

  12. JustLearnin 15

    Is there any age that you cannot buy a stock? Or do you just need to have the money?

    1. Day Trading Academy

      If you are a minor you would need permission

  13. TheMontoya

    thinking about investing in the Penny stocks. what advice can anyone have for me? thanks in advabce.

    1. Day Trading Academy

      Would be careful as they are highly volatile. That isn’t the best market for beginners since it takes so much work to learn how to trade them. Would recommend regular stocks or futures first for you.

  14. King Trawler

    stocks has always been interesting and I’m will to put in the time but any start off advice? appreciate it…

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