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Penny Stock Trader Tim Grittani: from $1,500 to $6.1 MILLION | The Tim Sykes Show


Apply at to obtain mentored as my top student Tim Grittani began with $1,500 as well as he's now over $6 million in earnings … I'm SO grateful he transparently shares his trip to dime stock millionaire, not simply by posting a screenshot here or there, but by showing ALL his trades in the process! Subscribe right here to get IMMEDIATE notifies when I upload a new video clip describing my cent stock trading strategies:

1:15 You're over 6 million currently, right? 6.1 Million. The earlier you begin examining the stock market, the much better. You have to study cent stocks prior to you can trade.

5:20 Everyone wishes to enter the stock exchange today, and also they don't wish to take the time to discover as well as research the past. It's tough, spending the moment it requires to find out the stock market, it's human nature.

6:40 90% of investors stop working and also the 10% people who make it fell short at some point. The more you study the stock exchange, the less of a failure you'll be. Beginning tiny as well as discover as well as scale up.

10:20 When I'm doing well I'm getting break-outs. I succumb being over-patient. Individuals can be a double-edged sword.

15:30 The dollar quantity behind the trade does not determine how well or just how inadequately you can do in the stock exchange. You need to find out to cut your losses.

19:45 Not every loss is a blunder, it's inevitable you're going to shed often in the securities market. When you shed you study the loss and pick up from your mistakes.

22:30 When I initially started discovering the stock market I was all over the location, I was trying to learn as much as possible. You need to discover what works for you, just how you find out, take a little from each investor and go from there.

27:00 When I take place a trading break it's tough to stay away from trading. Removing from the securities market is hard.

30:00 I'm constantly looking out for the next thing in the securities market, discovering as well as broadening my understanding as well as when you're ultimately ready to study a brand-new trading strategy, start tiny.

32:30 Invest in yourself, invest in your understanding, and also if you study as well as discover the stock market you can be successful also.

* Outcomes may not be normal and might differ from one person to another. Earning money trading stocks takes time, dedication, and also effort. There are integral threats entailed with purchasing the stock market, consisting of the loss of your investment. Past efficiency out there is not a measure of future outcomes. Any type of investment is at your very own risk. See Terms of Service right here:.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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38 Thoughts to “Penny Stock Trader Tim Grittani: from $1,500 to $6.1 MILLION | The Tim Sykes Show”

  1. LiveAtThePeak

    Bro how can ppl hate on Tim when heโ€™s mentored people like Grittani to the level heโ€™s at now

    1. dmit1703

      I think a dude like T.G would have gotten to where is he is regardless of who mentored him.

    2. Diamond Antenna

      Timothy Sykes Bwahaha! Yeah!

  2. Kittyhome

    Is it necessary to be named Tim in order to become a millionaire?

    1. Dofl Pks

      Damn right it is. Or you have to have a WOLF in your name, like Wolf of wall-street, or ironically “Roland Wolf” ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Cicero Araujo

      Kittyhome lol

    3. Kevin Lambert

      It doesn’t matter what your name is; you just need the right mindset.

  3. Jeff Buntin

    Gritanni will sit in the chatroom all day during pre-market and market hours and answer questions, as well as letting people know what he’s trading (but he doesn’t give alerts because he wants people to learn how to be self-sufficient instead of just following). This guy is a multi-millionaire, he doesn’t have to do that. It really says a lot about what a quality human being he is, to mentor people like that while he’s working. Sykes too. Another quality human being, and a great teacher.

    1. Constance Kang

      which chatroom?

    2. EyeBuyWebsites

      Is it a free chatroom, or pay.

    3. Big Rich

      Jeff Buntin Are you there Jeff?

  4. MikeMcD

    It’s hard to understand when you’ve been in less than a year that one day it WILL click. Don’t give up & think you’ll never get it. I promise that as Grittani said ” screen time will build confidence” is extreme truth. You can’t understand it until you’ve experienced it, & when you do it’s very liberating feeling . No matter how many losses, don’t give up until you experience the click.

    1. Francisco D'anconia

      MikeMcD1989 probably the most important thing any trader should do is just get screen time. It changes everything. That, and taking the time to think about what other traders are actually thinking, as reflected in the chart formations. Understanding the motivations of both experienced traders and amateurs, combined with trading the time and sales + level 2… The context you can get out of all that is immense!

  5. Ivan Cupido

    Thank you Tim Grittani & Tim Sykes

  6. Manas Korde

    awwh i am always waiting to see his new Interview,rules, and strategies, all the emotions goes out of the world when i see him ..!! great trader , so much respect ..! thank you tim , waiting for tim bohen to upload his interview in Podcast..!

  7. MoFlyboy Blanquito

    You are right, Iโ€™m actually appreciative of Robinhood for stopping me from doing day trading until I figure it out anyway. I was losing more than winning.

  8. MoFlyboy Blanquito

    God I love the positive vibes.

    1. Timothy Sykes


  9. Bat Scientist

    Nice one guys. I love TimSykelopedia Grittanica

    1. Timothy Sykes


  10. Ra8az

    This motivated me, just when I was feeling burned out

  11. Simon Nicholson

    It is reassuring to be reminded that it can take a long time to achieve consistency. Time to re-watch trading tickers for me I think.

  12. Melbourne Shorts

    I’ve been watching you since december last year. You guys are an inspiration.

    1. Timothy Sykes


  13. M. P.

    Is it just me or does it look like your shadows are making out?

    1. Timothy Sykes

      all you LOL

  14. Code

    This guy is a multi millionaire and wears H&M clothing while others make barely enough to eat wearing Louis Vuitton. Mad Respect for Gritanni knowing what’s important, being dedicated to his studies. That’s what really inspires me.

    1. Code

      The way it’s supposed to be if you ask me. I purposely wear black t-shirts every day. I got 8 in my closet and that’s all I wear because it’s incredibly time efficient and cheap. People that wear Gucci, Prada and work barely make enough to afford their bills make me scratch my head.

    2. Special Raptorz

      +Code I agree with you forever happy that way no matter the amount of money you have

    3. Breezy8o8

      Tim is probably an alien, he looks bugged out and whacky

    4. Brade Bronson

      I barely make enough and wear H&M… I’m half way there!

    5. Diamond Antenna

      Code same here. Jeans, black t, nice jacket, all you need.

  15. Frances Radcliffe

    Really enjoyed listening to both of the Tim’s. Gave alot of info for us newbies to study different kind of trades, keep track of your trades and find out which ones your good at. Logical.

  16. World Shaper

    This interview is so valuable! I know Grittani will reach $10 million mark. And I know I will become better than him, I’m studying 11 hours a day. I will keep on increasing.

  17. andry sukarno

    “it’s a game of moving target” ……haha i like that..

  18. Tom Dalton

    Tim i will give you the heads up when the weather is amazing in Ireland and will take you mountain biking ;)) when you get here. From newbie trader !!

  19. Cindy Kempl

    Thank you, Tim Grittani for being so transparent! Love listening about your trading journey. Very inspirational!

  20. T

    Thanks! Great intro!

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