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2 Simple Steps To Set A Stop Loss Trading Penny Stocks | Robinhood


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27 Thoughts to “2 Simple Steps To Set A Stop Loss Trading Penny Stocks | Robinhood”

  1. DJ Migs

    why is that kid just sitting there ?

    1. RockstahRolln

      you serious!? Where is his channel or where is he featured?


      Maybe talk a bit slower

    3. Rio The Hitman

      @6:58 watching your son can catch his first ball

    4. R0botbutt-er

      They both do that. Like they dont know how to bounce off of each other while speaking. It’s weird.

  2. Blane McCurdy

    awesome thanks Ricky! have you made a video where you show how you do technical analysis and pick the stocks with potential? thanks

  3. Leo Castro

    Thanks for info! Three thumbs up!

  4. Needalifesoon

    Over the course of watching your videos, I realized you cut penny stocks @ 2%. See I’m learning!! πŸŽ‰

  5. Kathy Cardenas

    thank you Ricky! very helpful video

  6. IKnowYouKnow

    Yeah. You got to set your stop-loss a reasonable distance below your buy-price. I got stopped-out a couple times, taking losses, when all that was was the natural pullback. On a $1 stock setting your stop-loss at $0.95 is better. Still 2-1 reward-risk, if there is $0.10 of upside.

  7. plexed1000

    It would have been nice of you would have shown us on your screen how its done. Even is it not the broker i use.

    1. Peter Crosbie

      totally agree

  8. Gabe T

    word thanks!

  9. David Basham

    Ricky, thank you, sincerely, for sharing your knowledge through these videos. If you have a chance, would you maybe be able to do a quick tutorial on how to set a stop-loss and/or trailing stop-loss using TOS? Thank you, again.

  10. Tavo24vv

    What happen at 4:33 to 4:44 to the guy in the hat 🀣

    1. DrScream

      Int Main()
      If ForwardProgress.exe = Fail
      (Reboot = True)
      FreezeResponse = True

  11. #SF{Dev}

    I joined your group in facebook just a few minute ago and just waiting for you to accept my request

  12. Angel Negron

    This is a great video!!!! I really needed this. Thanks a lot

  13. Mark Treglia

    I just started watching your videos they are very inspirational. A couple of weeks ago I watched a video called what I do every day you talked about premarket scanning. I cannot find this video anywhere can you repost or do a video on premarket scanning would be very helpful . Thank you keep up the good work.

  14. thomasdizon990

    omg show it to us on the computer

  15. Christian Rios

    I can totally see Ricky working at Dominos pizza. lmao.

  16. Towel Talks

    Bro why is that awkward as hell kid sitting there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  17. slowpoke96z28

    Hit that door at 3:00 with some WD-40 cousin!!

  18. Fly Thai

    im learning so much from your videos my guy I swear you really know your stuff

  19. angel delgado

    Can we use stop loss for Options? And show us how?

  20. Drizzy

    Can someone explain why you can’t simply hold on to a stock as it dips down and keep it until it rises back up?

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