Candlestick Charting 

Crypto Candlesticks Trading Basics! (How To Use Candle Charts)


Our Analyst Marcus Koster enters into the fundamentals of using Candlesticks when trading Crypto! Thank you all so much for watching. If you enjoy the video clip, please take into consideration dropping a like and also subscribing with article notices on be notified of our next one.

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21 Thoughts to “Crypto Candlesticks Trading Basics! (How To Use Candle Charts)”

  1. The Be Epic Coach LaTavia Renae

    Mystery solved! I didn’t understand what the wicks represented. Very helpful!

  2. robert warner

    I am learning so much from watching all the videos. I will admit i was completely backwards on reading candlesticks before this video. Keep it up. I also think i may be seeing the next best thing to mining and Im not talking about your videos it is something i caught from watching someone else talk about a new coin and i would like to chat with you and naeem about it sometime i think possibly a big money maker? Please get in touch>>>

  3. Ryan Gemienhardt

    This video was great!

  4. Saajid Akram

    Awesome !

  5. Rayan Bayard

    Really love the vid buddy! Hopefully you make a lot more and go deep in details

  6. Ramsey Sil

    Thank you so much !!! I learned something today 🙂

  7. Moshe Nussbaum

    Very informative, thanks!

  8. Brian Pfeiffer

    Learning something new every day

  9. Ryan Marsolan

    More from Marcus please!!!1

  10. Cindy Marks

    Good stuff! Thanks!

  11. Richard Ray

    Thanks that was great

  12. Sreekant Shenoy

    Your videos are truly informative and I love it!

  13. Benjamin Cohen

    Thank you for the extremely useful info!

  14. Rob Hutchins

    Keep the classes coming!

  15. Ojule

    Should I use ”candles” or ”heikin ashi”. Whats difference?

  16. DaBronx

    Thank you that was very informative. I have seen wicks w/ numbers above and below. Do you know what that indicator is called? I would like to investigate how it is used.

  17. Miguel Santos

    Very good thank you!

  18. Steven1337

    Thanks so much for the info. Great vid !

  19. Hector Crypto

    Thank you so much, ive watched MANY videos on Candlestick patterns and this was one of the most informative videos i have come across

    I watched it at least 3 times and took notes.

    I suggest everyone do the same

    1. Naeem

      That is some great feedback! Keep it up, our discord group will be a huge help too

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