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DJ Vlad Talks About Stock Investing, Penny Stocks and Bitcoin


Recently, DJ Vlad made an appearance on E.D.I. Mean of the Outlawz radio show, The Dinner Club, to talk about a variety of subjects consisting of supply investing, bitcoin, as well as cent supplies. (Supper Club's YouTube: )

Vlad made the effort to damage down the fundamentals of stock investing as well as kept in mind why he picked certain supplies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, as well as Netflix.

He likewise damaged down penny stocks, comparing it to somebody running a business out of their garage, similar to 'Wolf of Wall Surface Road.' From there, he looked into Bitcoin and damaged down his quote he uploaded on-line stating "Rich kids view their parents buy stock. Poor children view their parents play the lotto."

Vlad covers his ideas stocks as well as spending for @vladstocks Instagram as well as Twitter.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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50 Thoughts to “DJ Vlad Talks About Stock Investing, Penny Stocks and Bitcoin”

  1. jroc00725

    Vlad isn’t a cop or snitch he interviews people on his platform and he asks questions and it’s the persons decision to answer or not and most of the time they incriminate themselves because they choose to go into detail. #SnitchingOnThemselves

    1. KEITH DID

      Agree, with everything except the culture vulture part!!

    2. jroc00725

      MandaloreMaul77 Your a fool for thinking like that.

    3. LaFlaminBoomin

      Homie if u was where i from you’d understand, aint no one fw white people in long beach

    4. Designated Piledriver

      your ignorance is astounding

    5. Designated Piledriver

      your ignorance is astounding

  2. mateo kalash

    Bitcoin is like a check smh, obviously you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. It’s all about blockchain technology and decentralisation, do some research before you speak on something that you have no idea about!

    1. t1aofjh

      What is blockchain? I am doing my research.

  3. Bane Brown

    Great video, Vlad. I actually follow your Vlad Stocks Instagram page. A couple of points I’d like to address from the video: 1. I know this will sound crazy, but government regulation in stocks is actually NOT a good thing. Austrian Economics teaches you how this is a fact (please Google that) 2. Day trading and swing trading penny stocks is actually a very profitable investment strategy and is NOT gambling if you learn about technical analysis and learn how to read a chart. 3. Gold is definitely not a gamble, it’s a store of value. You purchase gold for completely different reasons than investment purposes. Again, if you aren’t familiar with Austrian Economics you won’t understand the purpose of precious metals. Other than that, I appreciate this topic even if we don’t agree on strategies, the point is to get people to invest in something.

    1. djvlad

      Everyone has their own way to invest. The only thing I can do is tell people what worked for me and lay out a simple game plan for others.

    2. Tyler Ferguson

      djvlad what’s the stock page name

  4. Kyle Smith

    DJ Vlad aka Agent Vlad also invest in investigations

    1. King Delamuela

      Kyle Smith 😂😂😂🔥

    2. jroc00725

      Scroll up and read my comment. Vlad is just doing an interview and he ask questions that everyone wants to know, its the persons responsibility to not incriminate themselves or decline to answer a certain question but most of them do. SMH #SnitchingOnThemselves

    3. Antonio Coelho

      Burn victim

  5. Yung Passion Music TV

    “The Dinner Club”

    1. deezy81

      Passion Of WonderLand Well, Edi is hosting be it, so what else would you expect? He is more famous for his brief flash of gut flab in the Hit ‘Em Up video than anything he has done musically. Makes perfect sense it is called Dinner Club.

  6. JoshAllen702

    Nothing worse than hearing people talk about crypto currency who have no idea what they’re really talkin about smh… He is right about it’s a gamble, but that’s only if you’re day trading crypto and trying make big money like that cuz you heard somebody else did…but ppl who are it this for the long term hodl are in it cuz of the belief that blockchain will change every industry as we know it. Also, because of the decentralization of everything.

    1. JoshAllen702

      Gabriel Huijon like I said bro, yeh they might add ICO regulations, they might get better at tryna figure out who owes capital gains taxes, but blockchain technology is still the future. And crypto will likely be the future global currency..especially once it becomes simpler to use and understand for the average person

    2. Gabriel Huijon

      JoshAllen702 even then though you run into issues with holding a universal currency and that gap that’ll be created between those who got in way early and those who got in at the tail end

    3. JoshAllen702

      Gabriel Huijon I’m not saying one coin will be the one everyone uses, I’m saying crypto in general will be. And it’s still way early..we ain’t nowhere near mass adoption yet. Until yo grandma knows how to use a hardware wallet..its still early stages. If you know about it and ain’t getting in a little bit, that’ll be your fault in the long run.

    4. Gabriel Huijon

      JoshAllen702 that’s true but what about the fact that the founders of these cryptos have an enormous advantage for example the found of bitcoin would be able to flood the market with his wallet and severely drop the price

  7. ReeZzzy_WokHARDt

    Vlad looking like a stray dog in the thumbnail

  8. 0vabyte

    I don’t know the shade about, 
    Vlad is a White/Russian/Jewish/Dj He’s not hiding from nothing… He rides for HipHop.

  9. DJ Choice

    Vlad lookin like a panhandler at a red light in the thumbnail.


      DJ Choice why doesn’t this have more likes? 😂😂😂😂

    2. DJ Choice

      GorillAh 96 Idk but it’s true. Lol. It’s ironic he looks homeless in the thumbnail on a video about stocks and money investing etc, lol.

    3. CHiram Abiff

      +DJ Choice
      I literally Lol’d

  10. Shaun Wright

    Finally, Vlad gets to talk about only himself


      Shaun Wright 😂😂😂

  11. Debonair73

    By the way, Buffet didn’t get rich by investing his money in stocks. He got rich by investing other people’s money in stocks and them paying him to do so.

    1. HoodlumvalleyT.V

      Debonair73 he makes moves in the drug trade too don’t forget

    2. shanenolan85

      Buffett also invest in real estate too. He owns a farm and Berkshire even has a real estate subsidiary.

  12. Burninmyleather

    Did this Guy just say He went to Netflix to research bitcoin? wUT!? And this is why the poor are easy to manipulate.

  13. Geeks and Goons

    Vlad attempting to give back… nice.

  14. Kensley Perry

    Vlad looks like a GTA 4 Character

    1. Kensley Perry

      djvlad I need an interview Vlad 😂you finna make me famous

  15. Say Monte

    I don’t usually post comments but thanks for posting this. I appreciate the game we all need It.

    1. djvlad

      you’re welcome

  16. Louis Alicea

    Vlad you lost me when you said Black Thought isn’t a top calibur MC.

    1. anonymous lakernerd

      That was stupid. But he seems to know a lot more about stocks than quality emcees.

  17. Craig Durango

    This was dope. im inspired to look into investing in some stocks now. appreciate the info Vlad!

    1. djvlad

      you’re welcome

    2. The Legendary LJH

      Craig Durango Are you an investor by now? If not, sign up on Robinhood and you’ll get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for FREE. Just make sure you click my referral link first.

  18. HATE is a sign of ENVY

    Of course this has only 25k views and Slim Jesus gets millions smh😣

    1. The Legendary LJH

      HATE is a sign of ENVY that’s why there’s the 1%. Don’t sweat it, just be grateful you’re in tuned.

  19. Wesdon

    If you wanna diversify your investments I would say start with mutual funds than to go straight in stocks.

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