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24 Thoughts to “Futures Trading Made Simple – Lesson 1 – Basic Buy/Sell Strategy”

  1. Joe Gruberman

    You’re quite welcome. Another lesson is in the works. Just need some time to put it together.
    Your comments are appreciated!

  2. BFocused9

    Thanks for a great tutorial.
    What happens if in the example you do not sell your contract and end up paying the cash price of 16,787.50? Do you have to take physical delivery of the corn or can brokers hold this for you as with stocks to sell at a future date?

  3. Joe Gruberman

    It’s a good question that I hope no one will have to ask based on a real situation. Futures trading brokers do not take delivery of commodities. And you shouldn’t ever hold a contract long enough to take delivery unless you happen to deal in the underlying product (like a cereal manufacturer or a gold wholesaler). You role as a trader is to regulate prices based on supply and demand,and hopefully profit by that role.

  4. Joe Gruberman

    @El7IncA… yeah, most traders lose their shirts. It’s really a commitment of time and money. Hopefully, LimitUpOnline helps by letting you practice for as long as you want.

  5. Joe Gruberman

    @MalibuLimo I don’t give advice or opinion, as I don’t want to be perceived as an authority, which I’m not. But I’ll say this much: Each group of commodities has internal variations so that you can trade in a perfectly health or predictable market but get nailed anyway due to speculators, arbitrageurs and poorly written and inadequately regulated computer programs. Also, you never know when the Mississippi River will overflow its banks or another war will break out (or end) in the Middle East.

  6. Joe Gruberman

    Sorry, I can’t give advice to anyone, and you probably should take advice from strangers. However, I can say that if the Stop Loss is valid for the day, then you should check each day and put in a new Stop Loss if the previous one didn’t kick in, since it won’t cost you anything until the Stop Loss is executed. If prices move in your favor, then you’ll want to change the Stop Loss anyway, right? So maybe it’s just as well it’s a Day order. Just keep on top of it!

  7. Futuros7

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  8. dazedbitai

    Great vid, thanks!

  9. Joe Gruberman

    Thanks for the feedback!!

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  12. FuturesTradingAlerts

    Thanks for sharing that info.

  13. Jack William Atkins

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  15. reddiamondxiv

    More lessons would be awesome.

    1. Joe Gruberman

      Yes, I really want to get the next one started. I keep pulling myself in all different directions. Thanks for the encouragement.

    2. reddiamondxiv

      Joe Gruberman : no problem love your stuff. Trading is where the money is at. 👍🏽

  16. SamT

    Thanks for this video. Very informative….

  17. Lori Favela

    I just found this channel. Wow, I’m so glad. Thank you

    1. Harry Bosch

      Excellent tutorial. Thank You!!

  18. Maxwell Smart_086

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    1. Joe Gruberman

      😀 good one!

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